lucas_tx_gwSeptember 23, 2012

First time I've ever had them on my Rue, every exciting!

Do I have him correct?

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Yup that's a GST cat!

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Looks like you have a BST cat in the background as well! Congrats!
I collected eggs this year for the first time because of all the predators in my BF gardens & found 2 orange eggs on my rue. They are now cats that look just like your's! It sure seems like they take a long time from egg to pupa but maybe I am just impatient!
Do GSTs overwinter like BSTs??? Is there a good place to find out which BFs migrate & which one's are crysalids for the winter???
Take care,

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Yes that rue is covered with BSTs. My understanding is that all the swallowtails are very variable as to when they eclose and could overwinter.

I don't like bringing them in this late because I don't like to overwinter them. I'm always afraid they'll decided to eclose when I'm gone over Christmas or some silly thing and starve to death in my house or cage or whatever, so I left all of them outside.


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