averil(8b)August 16, 2012

Hi, I have a sanguinea i have grown from seed this year. Its in the greenhouse and after advice kindly given from Kasha I now know it needs to come indoors for the winter My question is, will it continue to grow at a fast rate and if so can I prune it to keep it down a bit and my other question is, how much will it need watered and fed, Im assuming it wont need to be watered as much as in the summer and do I cut out feeding it altogether till the spring

Once again, thanks for any advice

Averil UK

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ruth_ann(Z5 Ont.Can.)

Seeing that you live in Zone 8b, you may not need to bring it in.What is
-A)your usual coldest winter temperature
B) do you have a basement?

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I would say minus7 Ruth. Ive got myself there as as zone 8b but to be honest im not sure if thats right. I looked on some map on google. I live in southern counties of uk. I have an unheated greenhouse but I dont think it will stay alive in there, although i have heard sanguinea are a tad hardier than others

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A lot of brugs will freeze to the ground in winter then come back out in the spring. Don't know about sanguinea, though. If your cold (below freezing) is only a few days here and there, you could leave it outside until a freeze comes, then move it indoors for a few days. If your temps stay below freezing for long periods, it will need to be indoors. You're probably not in zone 8b, since that zone doesn't have many days below freezing in the winter, and it can be quite mild most of the winter. I'm just a few miles from my area's zone 8b, and it isn't very much colder than my 9a.

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Thanks eahamel, I will have to bring it indoors. Im just not sure about watering and what its growth habit will be like in winter. Will it need as much water and if it grows too big can i cut it back a bit?

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ruth_ann(Z5 Ont.Can.)

I agree, sounds colder than an 8b zone Averil.
No, even a Sanguinia will not tolerate -7C. The roots would handle it for a brief time but not the flesh of the plant itself.
Before bringing it in, spray the entire plant and surface soil with some kind of an insecticide , (even insecticidal soap would do) twice, 10 days apart. Brugs are known to be insect magnets indoors especially.
I am including a link to a tutorial I wrote for bringing in Brugs for the winter. This works only for those that are at least a year old,younger than that don't have the roots big enough to have stored energy to restart in the spring I have found.
I would not do this method with Sanguinia, only crop enough to get it through doorways. They tend to flower in very cool weather so you need as much growth on it to allow that in early spring.
Water only when the leaves start to droop and then do only about 1 cup of tepid water right at the trunk and do it slowly. If any runs out the bottom, replace that amount.
Keeping the soil wet/damp will rot the roots indoors.
Save fertilizing it until just before it goes back outdoors.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bringing Brugs in for the Winter

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Thankyou Ruth Ann, that is really helpful. At least now I know what I have to do, hopefully I can bring it through the winter okay. Many thanks and kind regards

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Ruth Ann, that is a very nicely done tutorial and very helpful to many fellow Bruggers. Thanks

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Ruth and Bill! How nice to see you guys. I haven't been regular here lately but with buds coming I hope to post pics this fall.

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ruth_ann(Z5 Ont.Can.)

Thanks Bill. :)

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