fungus gnats - hot water?

sakmeht(Zone 6)May 28, 2007

Was over on the houseplant forum and came across some threads dealing with fungus gnats and control measures, one of which was to use hot water - not burning hot, but the kind of hot where you can only keep your hand under the stream for 15 to 30 seconds........ and to use this to water. Supposedly it kills the suckers, but wondering if it would be good for my cp's (I have 3 neps, 2 sundews) The other options were to let the soil dry out (not an option), top the pots with dry gravel or perlite so that the eggs couldn't be laid, to use chemicals, or to use something called 'mosquito dunk' - sticky strips, but then why bother with the last when you have sundews? lol I've got LOTS of aquarium gravel hanging around so might try that. Any opinions? What all do you do for gnats? Thanks.....

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sakmeht(Zone 6)

Forgot to mention, one other thing that was brought up as a cure is semi-hydro!

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Hello sakmeht,

I find Neem oil extract with pyrethrines to be useful to spray on the soil when you see larvae wriggling around on the surface. I had to do that for the Nepenthes as every time I watered the larvae came up to breathe. I did not want them chewing all the roots up... The rest of the gnats I let hatch so they feed my sundews. The oversized water trays are great gnat killers too. Gnats have no sense when it comes to avoiding drowning, or plants that eat them.

I would avoid the hot water idea as some carnivorous plants might not enjoy having their roots boiled. Some actually prefer their roots cool and die rather quickly when they are overheated.

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i agree with Mutant Hybrid, it seems like too much a risk to use hot water when we have things like neem oil at our disposal.

why don't you just keep a ton of pings and sundews? i actually hope my gnat population won't go down so that their nasty children can be food for my pings.

i grow orchids in semi hydro but have not experimented with planting CPs in it yet. when my nepenthes are ready for me to take cuttings, i will plant the established cuttings into s/h

i'll tell you how it goes

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LOL! I have 2 Sundews (D. adelae) and they love fungus gnats but also try those sticky traps, they DO catch a lot as well.

Also try BT, I hear it works on them as well. Mosquito dunks are BT for keeping mosquito larvea from the water trays...


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