mattmega4(9)May 26, 2009

So for whatever reason my potting mix is starting to stink a little, and since i am forced to move my plants inside for the summer and grow them under grow lights i am wondering if i can put some charcol at the bottom of the mix cuz ive been told charcol sweetens the smell and stuff..or maybe ill mix the charcol into the mix

i have a vft, pitcher, and cape sundew

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mastergardenerfrank(Zone6/New Jerse)

Sounds like it's staying way to wet. I'm thinking anaerobic break down of the potting mix, which means there is no air getting in & it's putrifying. They don't have to stay soaking wet. Let the top inch or so dry some between watering. Most bog plants live a couple inches above the water line on hummocks, most of the season with periodic inundations.
Hope this helps.

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Yeah a bad smell is a sign that things are far too wet. Try lightening up on the water instead of adding charcol.

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ok that helps alot actually, so should i repot it and add MORE pumice or if i ease up on the watering will the smell go away or both lol

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