Question about repotting VFTs and types of saucers to set them in

jmachMay 21, 2008

Hi, I've got a couple of questions, first pertaining to repotting a flytrap.

I've just taken my flytrap out of dormancy (late, I know), and I want to repot it. My first question is in regards to the repotting medium.

I'm not sure what it's currently in as it's been in that same soil since I bought it at the store (you may be able to tell from the picture below) - but the soil I bought (a bag for VFTs from Sarracenia Northwest) is not the same stuff. Do I need to try to get all of the soil off the roots before repotting or isn't it going to matter if there are a couple of different kinds of media on the plant?

My second question in regards to repotting is that my plant seems to have divided during dormancy:

There are three distinct clusters of plants in the pot now - is it best to separate them and pot them in three different pots, or just repot it as-is like one big plant? I certainly don't want to destroy the roots on them.

Finally, I went to Wal Mart and I picked up two cheap plastic dishes (the super cheap $.30 ones), and I also picked up two glazed clay saucers.

I had read to not use unglazed clay pots because it could "contaminate" the water - these saucers are made in China, and they're glazed yellow: I would just like to know if they would be fine to use with my flytraps? I don't want lead or some other crap getting absorbed by my plants, but I'd like to use those if possible because they're smaller than the plastic ones.

Thanks for the help!

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You could use that mix you bought from Sarracenia Northwest. A basic mix for all CPs is 50% peat moss and 50% perlite.

You don't have to remove every speck from the roots but a quick rinse in rainwater or distilled will help.

You could separate the 3 plants or leave them together, it's up to you!

I suggest you use plastic pots. Sit the pots in a plastic tray or small tub with about 1 inch of water in it. Rain or distilled water only. NO TAP or bottled waters.

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Great, thanks for the help!

Would they grow better if separated? I love those flytraps that are so thick they're almost like a ground cover, and while I doubt mine would get like that since they are not grown outdoors, that's what I'm shooting for.

I am currently growing them in plastic pots, but it's the tray for the water I am not too sure of. I currently have them sitting in plastic trays (about an inch deep) but I would prefer to use the glazed ceramic saucers that I bought - I just didn't know if, since they're cheap, it would pose a hazard to my plant with stuff seeping from the glaze.

Thanks again...I'm excited to get my old trap repotted!

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wildbill(6 CT)

One thing that helps is to use a large enough pot.

I would use at least a 6 inch pot, 8 inch would be better. My best looking monstrous sized plants are in the 8 inch ones.

Hope this helps.


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