Can anybody help me identity this Nepenthes species?

Raymond0308May 29, 2014

Help me identify please

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The pitcher need to develop more but I believe it is N. ventricosa

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If you picked it up from a garden store, it's probably a ventricosa.

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I disagree that it is a ventricosa, the ala or wing is too prominent & fringed, no waving or ruffle in the peristome, & bulbous at the bottom. Plus the main leaf blade is unlike that of ventricosa, too long & narrow.

It looks more like Nepenthes 'coccinea' ( N. x coccinea). This particular hybrid is a cross between N. rafflesiana & N. ampullaria and then it is crossed with N. mirabilis. It is a complex hybrid & it is quite easy to grow, so it is often sold in stores.

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