nepenthes light

cattleya__lover(z10 Phil)May 16, 2005

is it okay to give direct light about 3-5 hours a day to my nepenthes alata?

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srduggins(So. Cal s23/z10)

partial light would probably be better, and the plant would need to acclimate slowly to the increased light. Morning light would be better than mid-day sun. Plus you live in the phillipines with different sun intensity and humidity which could change things. There really are too many factors to give a straight answer. If you allow the plant to adjust slowly to the increased light, it should be OK. Allow 1/2 hour sun the first week, 1 hour the second, 2 hours the third, etc. Watch out for sunburn, (leaves turning red), a little red is OK, but too much and your plant could be in trouble, and back off on the time in the sun if it gets too red.

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Aren't alatas pretty hardy by compairison or is that only when you cross it with a ventricosa?

Here is a link that might be useful: Aracknight's Deadly Delights

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Certain species of Nepenthes are actually native to the Phil., so I would think you could just grow them outside year round. Your climate should be perfect for Neps., especially the hardy alata. Happy growing:)

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I guess my follow up question would be then, would an alata red speckled be as hardy as a ventrata? I have within my plant set up, several levels of humidity, I just got the alata and was wondering if it would be ok in the same (slightly less forgiving) environment that the ventrata has taken to.

Specifically, where the alata is now is around 50-55% humidity. Where I'm keeping the ventrata is actually about 44 percent humidity and thriving.

On a side note, I'm really excited about this alata. I bought a plant not long ago that "said" it was an alata but after looking a few things up I discovered they just named it that because it was easier and less intimidating than saying it was an alata x ventricosa. I'd like to keep this plant happy if I can ya know? :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Aracknight's Deadly Delights

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I speak from experience with moving Neps from under the porch, just 2' to direct sun, albeit morning sun. They still burned!

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