Brug Cousin?

PKponder TX(7b)August 26, 2010

We visited the Fort Worth Botanical Garden yesterday and saw this very fragrant beauty in the conservatory. It's obviously not at it's peak, and it was so crowded in there that I couldn't get a clear shot of it's foliage. I think it was a thin-trunked tree.

What is this? TIA


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It might be a Cubanola Portlandia domingensis. It's blooms are very similar to a brug but the foliage is different. It's also extremely slow growing. I had one for 3 years and it only grew about a foot and never bloomed. I lost it last winter.

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PKponder TX(7b)

That was it Karyn! There were signs, but I was unfamiliar with all three of the names. What a lovely collection of plants!

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That's a great looking bloom. Thanks Pam!

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