Which nursery is selling gold champaca in SF Bay area

searchforflowerJuly 3, 2012


I'm looking for a gold/orange color champaca which is propagated through air layering/grafting instead of seedling. I called many nurseries, many of them have alba (white color), no one has champaca. If anybody happen to see/purchase one in bay area. Can you please kindy let me know where can I get one? Thanks a lot.

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

Monrovia Wholesale Nursery grows this, amd most retail nurseries that are better stocked order from them. Did you try calling Berkeley Horticultural Nursery or East Bay Nursery in Berkeley or Ace Garden Center on Grand Ave in Oakland? You could probably also get this special ordered at Flora Grubb Nursery in SF.

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Bahia, thank you so much for your info! I called and visited several nurseries in San Jose, most of them are carrying alba, nobody carries champaca. I will call the nurseries you suggested tomorrow.

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I got the Monrovia champaca from Regan's nursery in Fremont. I am sad to say that the plant was very unsuccessful. It gre to be a stunted small tree but n flowers, the leaves would appear, wither and fall. If you have better luck, do post back, I would love to grow it again if I knew how succeed.


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