nepenthes dying

gardengrammy1May 31, 2010

last spring i brought a nepenthes at home depot. i kept it inside for a short time then put it out on my back patio for the summer and it did great. i brought it in for the winter (i live in pa) and hung it in my bathroom and it continued to thrive. i also re-potted using soil mix especially for nepenthes. a few days ago i put it back out on the patio, but many leaves are turning a slightly shiny light brown color and are limp.the whole plant looks like it dying. i noticed the soil is very wet due to rain, can it be too wet? help! it was doing so well and in a matter of days it so sickly.

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I find Neps light bright INDIRECT sun, not direct Sun. Their leaves sunburn fairly easily. And yes, Neps can be too wet. That's why they are not kept in water trays like many other CPs. Keep the soil MOIST, not soggy.

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kansascarnivores(ZONE 6)

Hey Tommy,
Most of my Neps are grown in full sun during the summer, its all about acclimation. There a very very selected few that do grow in swampy conditions as well.

It also sounds like humidity shock with limp leaves, but browning is a sure sign of sun burn. My advice is to slow give it sun light first time one hour then 2 then 3 and so on .

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I agree with kansascarnivores on the humidty shock but I live in maryland and with similar growing conditions to you. I think the plant is over watered. Back off on the watering and rain cathing and let the soil get on the dry side for a day or so. The last thing you want is root rot, that is a killer. Keep the plant in a drained pot with no bottom so the soil drain freely. Let us know how its turns out!

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kansascarnivores(ZONE 6)

great point. I forgot about Black death(root rot).
The other thing you could do and prolly should is change you media to a more airy type like western cedar mulch . I use this with great results, just stay far away from vermiculite as it breaks down way to fast.


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