HAVE: Large banana plant

cannadoit(7b/8a)July 8, 2009

I was given a large banana plant earlier this spring.

It's a very nice plant. I have taken good care of it, it has new leaves that are edged in red....looks strong and healthy...but, i'm just not a banana kinda girl.

I would love to trade my banana plant for something else.

I love vines and flowers. lol

I would love to maybe find a Mandavilla or something along those lines to trade for it...but, I'm open to trades.

I'd like for it to be a plant that would fit right in and be happy in my greenhouse.

The past two days it has gotten up to over 100 degrees in there, and it's of course humid....so something that would grow by leaps in bounds in hot, humid weather.....and not die on me in the winter when it might only be in the 60's.

I can take a picture for you so you can see the banana....as I have no clue what type of banana it is. lol

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I guess I should have pointed out....due to the size of this plant the only thing possible trade wise would be semi local. lol

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well, if you want to come here sometime soon or hold it until my Sept swap I would be interested in it.
AHHH and you could bring me a handful of pennywort too LOL.

Let me know and we can decide what you might like for it :)

:) Fran

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I'm not exactly sure what I'll be doing that far out.... There have been posts for some swaps I'd love to go to...but, unfortunately I have to work around my husbands work schedule...and that is an ever changing thing.

Do you have anything that vines? Like Passiflora or something like that? I know they do pretty well in greenhouses.

I looked at your list, but I got confused as to what you were offering and what you were asking for. I'm easily confused though.

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do you still have that bannana?
im in the southeast of nc... on the coast?
maybe close enough to trade?
i have loads of passionflower, mandivilla, tropicals....
let me know!

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I do actually have a couple of Passiflora and by the time the swap is here I should have Vigna caracalla ( Corkscrew Flower ) growing, I just found my other seeds.

Maybe you can come that day or anytime you wish to make a trip up here. aezarien and I live really close so you could do a two fer LOL....

:) Fran

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Where at on the coast are you?

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