#11 'Box of Chocolates' Datura from Blicon

ruth_ann(Z5 Ont.Can.)August 20, 2010

Here is the first bloom from #11 of Jack's seeds.

It has very dark purple markings, less mottled and darker than 152-3. The face has a better, cleaner look, it doesn't look 'dirty' like I found 152-3 to look.

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Very nice. What I think was my #142-3 looks very similar to that one but the outside of the bloom had more purple. Almost like a regular metel. My 292-3 and 169-70 were either mainly yellow or white with purple mottling. The yellow had the "dirty" appearance that you mentioned but I really like the white with purple speckles. Only a few have sent out multiple blooms so far.

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How exciting for all the folks who got Jack's seeds. Some of the seedlings are just wonderful!
Looks like lots of fun seeing what your next "chocolate" is!

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