HAVE: Printable Seed Packets

aezarien(7b)August 11, 2008
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Haha! I'm losing my mind. Here are those links again and these work. They are links to PDF files.

Blank Seed Packets

Blank Small Seed Packets

Seed Packets With Label to Write Info

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Way cool. I like the last ones very much....now I will be cutting these out.

Something else for me to get behind on...thanks...lol

I really do like these though...nice info spots!....wish the writing was a little bigger though...

:) Fran

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Thank you for posting these...they are the shibby for sure!!

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No problem. I am glad you can use them. We actually used the small ones to make wedding favors with. We got two inch pots and put a miniature bag of soil and a little seed packet wrapped in tulle in them and topped with a little ribbon. The seed packets are definitely time consuming but very.. very cost effective. I think we ended up paying like... 30 cents each when it was all said and done.

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