pink epi and more pix

deep___roots(ca9/sunset15)June 15, 2012

This pink epi I got several years ago at a garage sale. The guy said he would give me "not your run of the mill" epis. He had hundreds.

The flowers this one produces are fairly small.

It grows in a pretty shady spot, mainly because I have too many plants to take care of properly. Here is a picture taken in that spot. The flash activated.

You can see a new flower bud in the top right.

I got a second epi from him that now has a flower bud and will open soon. I wonder what the color will be.

Here is a cactus with some flowers ready to open. I wonder what the color will be as this is a new cactus for me too. They are pointing toward sunset. It is interesting how they track the sun.

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That is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I
I wish I had taken pictured of mine too. I was amazed at how pink they were.

Do yours have a fragrance? Mine had a slight one.

Thanks for posting.


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This is a fragrant white flower from my giant epi that I will divide someday maybe.

Here are the flowers from the cactus. They only lasted one day. It was really hot though, but they seem to be one day wonders. Saturday afternoon.

Sunday morning

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

I have one of the run of the mill epi but it does give me so much pleasure. Very fragrant. I am still waiting on the red one to bloom. I think I freeze it or close to freeze it every year. I kept it warmer this winter and the growth is a lot better. The Epi Oxypetalum is a bit more cold hardy so it gives my large fulshes of flowers.

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Those flowers are gorgeous! I love the slight pink tint they have

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