Butterflies AND Moths...Time for a forum name change??

perennialfan273(zone 5)September 3, 2011

So...I was thinking. The name of this forum is "Butterfly Gardens", but a lot of people post here about moths, since they are very similar and gardening for moths is very similar to gardening for butterflies (in the sense that they need both host and nectar plants). Anyways, I think the forum name should be changed to "Butterfly and Moth Gardens", or something that at least acknowledges the moths. After all, moths are just as important as butterflies, right??

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Ament(5a SD)

I too agree with this. :)


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I'm quite partial to MOTHS.

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Lepidopteran Gardening or Gardening for Lepidoptera both say it all - either would be correct as short names. But this forum is a common name (or acronyms and intialisms of them) mainly designed for hobbyists, so those names won't fly.

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...besides that, it would ruin the order of things, as moths are clearly the underdog in the public's perception of lepidoptera. Only the Lunesta moth appears among the many butterflies used in recent advertising.

Since the name change proposal is bound to fail anyway, let's go for "The Moth and Butterfly Garden".

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How about Ada's Atrium?

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