Seeking Source For Large Concrete Pavers (Modern Look)

millerthymeJuly 26, 2007

Hi All,

I'm seeking a source in the greater L.A. area, to purchase large square and/or circular smooth concrete stepping stones....the type that are often used in modern landscapes. Square pavers are maybe 2' x 2' or 3' x 3'....circular are 24"-36" in diam. Anyone know of a source? Also, how much do these cost on average?

Thanks mulch!


Here is a link that might be useful:

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I couldn't find ones that large at the big box stores.

There are 15 2X2 square ones at my workplace left over from remodeling that I wish to take home. You're right that the larger sizes can look sharp in the landscape. Good luck finding them. I found mine, but now I have to get them home somehow.

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janetLA(USDA z10 LA, CA)

I bought 2x2 concrete pavers from Bourget Brothers in Santa Monica at Colorado and 11th. They have several locations, for lumber and stone etc, and the one on 11th and Colorado, which I think is called the building materials location, is the right one. They were much more expensive than the big box store pavers, but very handsome. They have several colors, textures, shapes, sizes and grades. I think the ones I bought were about $13 each.

If you're putting them in yourself, I suggest you count on having at least one helper, because they are so large, awkward and heavy that they are miserable to try to carry by yourself. And the crisp, square edges are fragile and look much less clean, modern and attractive when they're chipped.

Good luck. The patio I made with these is one of the most successful projects I've ever had, I think they look fabulous. And compared to the result, really quite easy and fun.

This might be a link to the wrong location, but the right company:

Here is a link that might be useful: Bourget Brothers website

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Bourget is a great place.Worth a trip to their yard just to see the beautiful installations.

I bought some 2x2's at the local building supply (A-1 building materials, south street, long beach) a few years back. They did not have anything larger.

Also try Thompson bldg materials. They have a huge yard in Orange.

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Thanks for the resources janetla and holedigger. Much appreciated! Will definitely check 'em out.

And good luck in getting those pavers home deep_____roots!

Happy Gardening to all!


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