Should I let them set flowers??

ccoombs1(7B SC)May 12, 2008

I put in a bog last year and filled it with hardy sarracenia, VFT, and sundews. Well, obviously everything in that bog is very happy because everything is blooming! I was wondering if I could let the VFTs and sundew blooms remain on the plants? Will allowing them to set seeds make the plants weaker? Can I save seeds and grow some hybrids? This bog is my favorite thing in my whole garden!! I am so amazed how big some of the pitcher are.

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Droseras blooming are not affected when they flower and they flower a lot. It's the VFT that known that gets weak when they flower but you are suppose to cut them before the plant commit all their resources when the scape grows a significant size.

Once VFT flower, its too late to do anything about it, they already committed all their energies to produce the flowers and seeds so might as well let them finish it.

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Being outside and in direct sunlight I wouldn't hesitate to let a VFT's flower. I think you're fine letting them do their thing. Congratulations!

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Reading this question I have one of my own(two actually).
Do all Sarracenia flower around the same time, or is it different for the different kinds of Sarracenia? Does the flowering time change depending on where you live, or is it the same everywhere?

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Sarracenia do flower around the same time: spring. Now, thats a very vague time that spans months, because some bloom earlier (S. Purpurea) and some will bloom in late spring (S. Minor, i believe). The flower timing does change depending on where you live, its relative to when temperatures start becoming more spring-like. I have an S. Purpurea whose already done blooming, but its relatives in Maine, for example, are only just now getting into full swing with their flowers.

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The natural cycle of any plant is to bloom and set seed. In their natural environment they do this and remain vigorous. In an out-of-zone environment, the plants are not fully happy, so flowering and setting seed is an extra stress that can sap the plant of energy.

So for me, growing flytraps in Canada, the plants are already stressed by being out of their natural zone, so I cut off the flower stalks when they first appear, to preserve vigor in the plant. But it looks to me like you are very near to the native range of flytraps, so I think you should be able to let them flower and set seed without trouble, since they should be pretty happy and vigorous with your climate.

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ccoombs1(7B SC)

Thanks everyone. I think I'll just let nature take it's course. I am so happy with how well this bog is doing!! The blooms on the different varieties of Sarracenia are just amazing. I am anxious to see what the blooms on the Droseras look like when they open. This is just my second summer with this bog and all of the plants have nearly doubled in size, some way more than doubled. They all seem to be very happy. There are native pitchers and VFTs in this state and my water is very acid, so I guess that explains why all the plants are doing so well. I wasn't expecting a bog to be this easy!

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