Ants are eating my fly traps!

chompyismyflytrapMay 25, 2010

Hello guys!

Last night I cut a wasp in pieces and fed it (first time) to my fly traps. I carefully rubbed the trap leafs together to make sure they shut tight. However, this morning I was horrified to see that the traps were all half-eaten and ants were swarming around.

How can I cope with ants stealing my plants catch? Thanks!

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

It won't happen if you leave them alone to catch their own prey. If it does then you need to take care of the ants.

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If you are interesting in feeding your flytraps, I'd recommend feeding live insects with a pair of tweezers. The ants won't show up to scavenge the carcass before the flytrap has completely closed around it.

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