Picked my first ripe Tomatos!-whoo hoo..

stanofhJuly 27, 2011

4 Early girls and one I believe Big Boy-twice the size of EG. All red. So,first week of May-July 28th..pretty good considering the cool start. It sure beats last years train wreck of a growing season.

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peachymomo(Ca 8)

I have harvested 4 Sungold tomatoes so far, which puts me ahead of where I was last year too. I'm hopeful that I will have a pretty good harvest this year, there are hundreds of little green tomatoes on the Sungold, and plenty of green tomatoes on the Chocolate Cherry, Persimmon, and Ace. Aunt Ruby's German Green is the farthest behind, I found the first tiny little tomato on it today.

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I know it will be a good year when I have picked tomatoes coloring up on my dining room table. I have about 20 sauce tomatoes there now. More on the vine too!

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

I have been getting Stupice and Mortgage Lifters for about two weeks. Both taste better than they did last year. MLs are suffering from wilt, though, so I will have to plant either grafted plants or modern hybrids next year, I guess.

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whoa,A little short on the posts huh? Is it still that bad overall this year?

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I've picked 2 sungold, 1 beauty queen, 1 lemon, around 8 small black oval tomatoes (can't find the tag & can't remember the variety); these were already ripe when I picked them. I've also picked several early girls, which are coloring up in my kitchen. Yes, this looks better than last year to me, too! Good flavor so far & I think all varieties have set fruit. Other veggies are doing well, too - bean & zuke production will soon outpace my demand for them & peppers & eggs are setting fruits, tho they're small due to my sluggishness in getting them planted.

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