D. Spat 'babies' ??

paradoxaMay 20, 2010

so i bought a D.Spat. lovely, yes?

any-who, I've had it since roughly march and have been forced to re-pot it twice. it's still thriving, extremely so. on top of that, every time i do (after letting it return to happy, beading status) i notice brand new miniature leaflets forming underneath the big ones, a tiny guy. the first time, i moved and removed the little one from the bottom, planted it off to the side and it flourished. then there were more. I've repeated this, and now have three. and there are still MORE tiny tiny tiny leaflets forming. is this "self cloning" a normal behavior???


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Very normal. They do what is called "clumping". My very first D. spatulata was quite prolific. I just coaxed plantlets from the perimeter and placed in new pots.

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I just bought and received a big clump off of ebay. I had 2 small ones already (One about to bloom!) and wanted more. I took some leaf cuttings off on one of my small ones to try to start some more.

In the mean time my Sarrs. are starting to take off!

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