nepenthes ventricosa height?...

woollady(z8 CA)May 2, 2012

hello,i have a nepenthes ventricosa for 2 years puts out lots of question is,how tall will this plant get?it is now a foot and a half.will it begin to start vining?should i trim it and if i do how tall should it get before trimming?it also sits in a 4"pot.never repotted.scared to do anything in case i kill it!it's been indoors in an east window with a grow lite about a foot away.(not fluorescent)lso how big a pot should it go into,on different sites i see it growing in large hanging pots.this plant doesn't want to fill a pot.just grows straight up.thank you all for your time and any info..

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dethcheez(Sunny SoCal Z10)

Vents can get quite long
Have seen 6+ foot vines on them

The plant will keep growing & become a vine
Then it should start putting out basal shoots from the base

I usually trim or repots my Neps once they vine out to the point that they're off center & flip the pot over
Unless it's a space thing there's really no reason to trim it unless you want to / You can just let it grow

Here's some pics of one of my big Vents

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woollady(z8 CA)

thank you for your post.i will just let it grow for ahile until it starts tipping over.thanks again!

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