Growing CP's in Desert climate?

gomelaMay 26, 2007

Hi. I am new to carnivorous plants and would like to grow a few in pots in my home. I live near a lemon grove and we have alot of fruit flies that come in. I think a few CP's would really help. Does anyone know a good species that is grown in a warmer climate? I live in Phoenix. They would be inside and the temp in our house is usually about 75 year round. Thanks in advance.


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The short answer is yes, it can be done. There are other regular posters with far more information, and some, I believe that also live in desert climates, they can better advise you. Look up information on Drosera- the sundew, Pinguicula (sp?) Butterwort, Nepenthes- Tropical pitcher plant. All three are ridiculous fruit fly catching machines and can thrive indoors. Although, they tend to bring fruit fly-like fungus gnats with them, because they thrive in the moist potting medium, so they won't get rid of all of your bugs. But its fun.

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Although you live in the Desert SW, growing them inside at 75 F is the main thing to consider, as long as you growing them on a window sill, exposed to the air (open tray method). A lot of plants will do well at the window sill, with their pot sitting in plastic containers of an inch or so of distilled / RO / deionized water. For example, D. spatulata, D. aliciae, D. adelae, D. capensis, D. burmannii. Even though Mexican butterworts are supposed to have a cold and dey winter, they still do well at window sills. Many bladdrworts would love the conditions - U. livida, U. sandersonii, U. bisquamata. Check Photobucket link for pictures of these plants. I can also help ya out in procuring some beginner plants.

Here is a link that might be useful: CP pictures

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