HAVE: Dusty Miller, Maximillian Sunflower, Mint

aezarien(7b)August 13, 2008

I know, pretty run of the mill stuff but I just realized how much of this stuff I have.

Dusty millers root like crazy so if anybody wants any I will be happy to take cuttings.

Maximillian sunflowers are perennials that grow about five to six feet tall and get about two inch diameter yellow flowers all along the stem. I wouldn't exactly call them aggressive because if they grow where you don't want them all you have to do it pluck them once and they are gone for the season. And they are shallow rooted so they are super easy to pull up. They make about double of what you had there the next year.

Mint - Just garden variety. I have tons and I think unless I set my yard on fire I am stuck with it.

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Are you looking for something in return? I don't have any dusty miller or sunflowers....might be kinda cool to try some out! :)

Look at my list and see if there is anything you could use!!


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Frances - Not really looking for much because the sunflowers came with the house and the dusty millers are pretty common plants. I thought I was already bringing you some sunflowers anyway. Must have been another Frances. I think there are like.. ten of you guys on here or so...lol.

I wouldn't mind having a few wandering Jew cuttings and maybe a mystery cutting of one of your houseplants you think is interesting.

I was wondering too. Your list says you have silver and purple wandering Jew and you want other types except silver and purple. Are you talking about having one variety that is silver and purple or are you talking about having two, a silver variety and a purple variety?

If you have only the one variety, the silver and purple, I have the solid purple (purple queen) variety. I'll be happy to take some cuttings for you if you would like. In fact, I believe I may have a four inch pot with a small plant in it already.

Oh, and we are redoing a bed that had tons of dusty miller in it. I can actually give you a whole plant vs. the cuttings.

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Hey Tina,
I have one plant...I think it's probably the most common wandering jew that is both purple and silver. lol

I can hook ya up on unusual!!! I'll give ya some of what my son refers to as the pea plant (string of pearls) lol

Are you over in Gastonia? If so....I can switch around another swap I have going on in Gastonia for tomorrow.....and then do both together, save on some gas and whatnot. lol

I need to update my list...I have some new things now...give me a few mins to update...then check it out and tell me if you see anything you are looking for!! :O)

Talk to you soon,

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Unfortunately I can't do anything until at least next week. We have a pretty busy next few days. Today is my husband's birthday, tomorrow is our anniversary, Saturday I have to be here to wait for the kids to come home from their Aunt's house, and Sunday I think I am just going to fall over from all of the excitement.

I actually live in Shelby but my Mom lives in Clover so I am over that way every now and then. Maybe we can set up a time and place to meet over your way next week. When those sunflowers are uprooted they always go through a few days where they look like they are going to croak anyway so that'll give me a chance to pot them up and get them looking spiffy before I give them to you.

Either that or I can just bring them to the swap on the 13th... it's up to you.

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Wow Tina,
Happy Bday to hubby!!!
Happy Anniversary to you tomorrow IF I don't talk to you today...lol.

And I was going to get some of the Sunflower later on, maybe that is where your confussion set in...lol.

I know too many of us floating around this area...lol.

If I don't talk to you soon then have a wonderful day today and tomorrow, and have a GREAT weekend!


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First off....Tell your hubby Happy B-day for me!! :O)
And, Happy Anniversary!!! Do you have any special plans made?

My kids started school Wednesday......it's kinda lonely around here without them!! lol

I think we did discuss you bringing those sunflowers to the swap.....I need to get with Elaine again and finalize everything.
There has been a lot going on for sure!

If you want to meet up next week that's fine with me....I like meeting other plant people! lol They are severly lacking around here! hehe

If I have anything you want let me know! I don't mind sharing!!!!

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Thank you both for the warm wishes. I wished Brian a happy birthday from everyone. We really didn't have a lot of plans made. It's so rare that we get time together that we sort of lived it up the last time the kids went away for a few days. We basically spent the entire day sleeping and watching TV. We did grill some nice fat steaks though which sure did beat eating out. Little did we know how much we would need that rest come Saturday.

We actually ended up having to drive to Georgia to go pick the kids up. It's supposed to be a 3.5 hour drive but apparently there was a wreck on our way there. I never saw evidence of a wreck but needless to say we left at 1pm and didn't get there until almost 8pm. There were people all along the road overheated and broke down from waiting in the traffic. Our car has a radiator leak in it and I was certain we were next. BLAH? Anyway, fortunately we got through it with the heat blaring uneventfully and at least we got to laze around the Chattahoochee for a while afterward and I officially saw my sister off. She will be going to China in a week so this will be the last time I see her for at least six months.

As far as kids and school goes, I home school so we just finished testing and I have to send their tests in this week. Not quite uneventful this time of year but I am happy to not have to attend open houses and all of the other complexities of starting public school. I think I would go into sensory overload. I admire those who can deal with it heh.

ANYWAY..(babble babble)

I went ahead and dug up a few of those sunflowers tonight and I'll get that dusty miller out of the ground tomorrow sometime. They will be in the dirt they were planted in which is our marvelous Carolina clay but they both grow magnificently in it. I'll have to go through my emails. I think I am suppose to bring you some other stuff and I'll make sure to get that together as well.

Fran - They are calling for it to rain all week.. not that what they call for makes a difference here lately but... whenever you'd like to stop by and get a piece you are welcome. I'm best after 5pm haha. You are close enough to me though that you'd probably do better getting some in the spring. I have little pieces to share here and there right now but in the spring I usually ditch a whole bunch of it while thinning it out and moving it around. With as big as my yard is, it really isn't cultivated enough to move much around and I don't want it in the big flower bed anymore so I pass it along in huge clumps to anyone who will take it.

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That's fine hon. I emailed u about your weekend..before I looked here. So since u posted here you don't have to answer that one...lol.

Gosh I am so glad you made it home, and to your sisters...man, that would have been bad to have broken down.

I know, 6 months is a long time, but I bet she will not think so. I am sure she will love being there.

Later, it is thrundering now and VERY dark so I am shutting down, b4 it gets right here.

:) Fran

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I just got your email. Apparently it went into the spam bin.

I'm so glad to be home too. One day away from my kitties, plants, and turtle and I become a whiny baby. Miss the babies, want to see the babies, wonder if anything in the yard is crispy.. you know.. the regular stuff.

I told her the same thing about time flying. Originally she was going for a year. Then she decided maybe doing the first six months and going from there was a better idea. So she might actually be gone for a year. Knowing my sister, if she likes it there enough, she will never come back. Well maybe to visit lol.

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Thanks for thinking of me!! Just let me know when you are ready.

I'm glad you made it back in one piece!! :O)

I admire anyone who can home school.....I just do not have the self disapline to do that.
I really like the schools the boys are going to now! They both like all their teachers...and, my oldest loves band and Soccer.
My middle son is still trying to figure out what he likes doing.

The rain has been awesome! My butterfly bushes are looking great....and, i've been worried about them...so that's good news! lol
My friend Elaine gave me a huge huge rosemary bush....and, it liked the rain so much it's now blooming gorgeous little purple flowers! lol
It has been great except for the drving in it at 10pm.....that part was not so wonderful! lol
The roads in Filbert and York flooded out in places....kinda scary!!

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