bio indicators-any and all

rockarollamanMay 4, 2014

Looking for article on bio indicators. I read this once but now I can't find it, maybe another forum. .? Was reading once about how owner wisely watched her plants for indicators of necessary changes needed to her cps environment. I think I've run into this in that many of my sarrecenia plant leaves are lying over when I come from work. The humidity is around 50%, I turn on the fogger and by the time it reaches 80% the leaves are upright again! This article contained many more and I wanted to check them out again. Any help locating this would be fantastic. Even your personal observations would be great.

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About Sarracenia specifically? I haven't seen the article you're talking about, only ones about bio-indicators and carnivorous plants are research papers using the plants as bio-indicators of the health of the surrounding environment they're growing in. The leaves wilt when the soil starts to get too dry as well, not just ambient humidity (I've actually never seen them get floppy over low humidity in the air.) Growth will be green and weak, pitchers uncolorful and stunted if they aren't getting enough light, or strong enough light. Temperature will also change the colors seasonally in many Sarracenia species, but that's supposed to happen. Are those the type of thing you're looking for?

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