Nepenthes from seed

Drosera84(8a)May 27, 2014

I just order 2000+ lowland Nepenthes seeds. Hopefully, I will have 20 to 30 plants sprout by October.
Anybody have success growing Nepenthes from seed in here?

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Good luck.

I've never had any sprout. Hope you got some fresh seeds. I believe the seeds I used were not viable.

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Yeah Nepenthes has less than 5% success rate when grow from seed. That is why I bought 5000 of them. The seller said, "They are fresh" so I hope it is true. I have 6 different kind of high land Nepenthes but no low land. Fingers cross!!!

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I just started noticing little sprouts inn my seed mix i planted, not sure what's sprouting yet, but i hope they survive long enough to find OUT!

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