Miracle grow perlite & peat moss!

NicolasanissimovMay 21, 2011

So i got a couple carnivorous plants i need to plant, i bought them in a small pot offline and the guy who i bought them from said they needed to be re potted within two weeks which i plan to do. I read that the best dirt combo is half peat half perlite which i purchased, but here is the problem Im having.

I went to Lowe's and purchased perlite and peat moss but they only had miracle grow brand which, and here's a shocker, both contain miracle grow. I have been informed by a college of mine that i should not use any sort of fertilizer because it may kill the plant... So here is the question i have! Can i use miracle grow perlite & peat moss with fertilizer in it, will it kill my plants? Here are the box pictures of the products http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51Rjf0Nv4bL._SL500_AA300_.

and http://www.pet-dog-cat-supply-store.com/shop/shop_image/product/5ad11500bfe7aa979915da57bda6c8c4.jpg

So can i used them?

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No, you can't use anything with ferts it will kill the plants.

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Hell No bro I am a NOOB here on this site and even i know this!!! and dont water them with Tap! use only rain water OR Distiled water. Or eles! they will Die!
What city and state are you from anyways?

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DO NOT use Miracle grow stuff for CPs. Go to a few local mom & pop type garden centers. Mine carry Hoffman's perlite for instance. You want a 50/50 mix of peat moss and Perlite or even play sand would work instead of perlite. USe rainwater of distilled water ONLY. NO TAP WATER.

What carnivorous plants did you get?

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darn I just got some of the same stuff, I guess I'll have to take it back

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The best thing to do is buy peat moss in bails and then screen it. 50/50 or 60/40 peat to perlite works well. If you have city water err on the side of caution since Chlorine and Chloramine can harm the plant.

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I'm new to growing plants. I have several pothos clones already started in a small amount of regular miracle grow potting mix in a plastic cup. I was just curious what the best kind of soil would be to pot them in when I move them to actual pots. Should I use straight perlite or should I mix it with the regular stuff I have? See, the problem I have is that I have another starter pothos that I bought online a couple months ago. I potted it in a 6 in pot with regular miracle grow potting soil, and it seems like it won't dry out fast enough and I'm worried about the roots starting to rot. So I guess I'm asking what's the best way to pot these plants. I know I definitely want to use SOME perlite. Please help...

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For Pothos you can use the Miracle grow stuff, maybe work in a hand full or two of perlite with it. Pothos tolerates drying out between waterings.

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Pothos is an epiphyte, normally grows on trees. It uses the ground to get to another tree. So the best potting mix for them is very light organic, and fast draining. Anything but heavy or high mineral content.

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