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xerophyte_nyc(7)June 30, 2012

Just wanted to share a few photos taken today, mix of succulents and tropical selections - enjoy!

Cycas rumphii sporting a new flush of leaves - recovering nicely from an unexpected freeze last fall.

Bottle Palm, Hyophorbe lagenicaulis, view from below with new spear

Cycas revoluta, Sago Palm, hardening off a new flush

Pachypodium namaquanum enjoying the dry shade in its dormancy

Cyphostemma uter, awesome curly leaves

Hybrid tangerines in NY!

Aloe pillansii, protected in a greenhouse

Aloe polyphylla, ready for a bigger underground pot

Aloe dichotoma between some hardy Yuccas. It is approaching 6-feet tall, when might it bloom???

Cyphostemma juttae, with messy looking leaves

Echinocactus grusonii, the golden barrel

Aloe 'Hercules', also approaching 6-ft - when do they branch?

Hibiscus always look great

Macrozamia moorei, also making a recovery after having all its leaves burned by a hard frost last fall.

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Looks like everyone is doing well out in the fresh air. I love the Aloe polyphylla, it is so symetrical. Tangerines in NY? That would have made the Pilgrims happy!

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Love the Pachy and Aloe poly. I starting to contemplate a golden barrel cactus for the garden as well. I think they bring something new to a garden./ Thanks for the pics.

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TT, zone 5b MA

Mr. X:

Great stuff, of course!

My question on your A. poly - if you bury the pot as you do, does the plant then tolerate LI heat waves without missing a beat? I.e., is it in a full sun site during the heat of our northeast summer and not missing a beat?



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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

What a FABULOUS collection of plants you have, Mark!! Thanks for sharing some of them with us!!

Can't answer any of your questions, but like the curly leaves on your Cypho! =)

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Mr. T - yes the a.p. is in full sun and does not appear to react negatively to heat waves.


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Fabulous collage of some of your big and small plants.

I don't think I've seen an A. d. that hadn't branched in flower. And the A. p. - what a crown of leaves for a prince(ss) of an Aloe.

I question I beg an answer for, though - where did you get your C. uter? I am willing to cash out my 401K for it, so don't hold back.

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