Pitcher plant issues

blownz281(coastal zone 8b)May 16, 2014

Have had these native pitchers in a pot for years and always did well and flowered. This year babies sent up then all died and corm did too? Other plant the largest young pitchers are wilted and others dieing? Fly traps,sundews and others are doing good and get the same conditions. Do these plants eventually completely die off and then need reseeded?

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Are they Sarracenias or Nepenthes?

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I have a pitcher plant. I have divided it and tips of the new leaves are drying up before they set pitchers. I have never had a pitcher plant before. They get plenty of water and are in a rather shady wet land area with plenty of bugs

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If you're talking about Nepenthes they need bright, indirect Sun. Distilled water or rainwater only. Keep moist and do not sit in a tray of water. You can spray the leaves LIGHTLY with orchid fertilizer mixed at 1/4 the recommended rate. Can you post a photo? That would help.

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Are they North American Sarracenia pitcher plants? Or tropical Nepenthe pitcher plants?

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The OP very clearly said "native pitcher plants" so I think it would be safe to assume that they are infact Sarracenia.

I don't have much experience with Sarrs, but I can say that they are usually divided rather than propagated by seed. I don't think it's typical for them to all die, and once the rhizome is dead, I do not believe the plant has any chance. I'd wait for a more experienced Sarracenia grower to come in, though.

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Hi! I am new to this forum. I am IN LOVE with my nepeta atala pitcher plant. I have had it for about 6 months. I am trying to find out if it likes to be root bound in the pot. It looks like it needs to be reported, but I don't wanna use the wrong soil, etc. Advice? Thanks.

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Beth post a photo, there is no such animal as 'nepeta atala pitcher plant". You listed a combo of Sarracenia and Nepenthes. Which is it?

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Beth most likely is speaking of Nepenthes alata ; however, it's probably Nepenthes x ventrata (which is a ventricosa and alata hybrid often sold as alata). While Sarracenia alata does exist, there is also a Nepenthes species with the similar name. Most of the time you buy an N. Alata however, it's almost certainly xVentrata unless you buy it from a very reputable vendor.

Nepenthes are flexible when it comes to soil, as long as the soil is low in minerals. Often, pure sphagnum is used, but others use the typical 50/50 of peat and perlite. Lava rock, washed orchid bark or coconut husk, silica sand and other inert, neutral substances can be used. Regular potting soil or sand with minerals is bound to kill the plant.

Generally, Nepenthes don't grow huge root systems, so if it is root bound, repot it. Be very gentle with the roots as the plants have been known to sulk quite a while if you bother the roots.

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Thank y'all so much for responding. I don't have a good idea of what it is called since the nursery tag just said "pitcher plant." I will try to post a pic.

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WRONG PHOTO!! Here is the right one, I hope. Beth

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Ahhh yes, a Nepenthes! VERY easy to grow! Bright light, keep it moist always, use rain water or distilled water ONLY. A light misting on the leaves with a 1/4 solution of orchid food will help induce pitchering if needed.

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that one looks like mine. I have since moved it into the sun !! I have one little one forming but the tips of most of the leaves are still turning brown . I did apply a little fertilizer.

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