green stuff in my shpagnum top soil dressing????? wtf?

KittieKATMay 15, 2014

Just noticed this today when inspecting my CP's to check how there doing and whose eating and whatnot.... it's like green mold? .looks like someone left a green marker on the top of the damp shpagnum moss as MY top dressing to my soil and it stained IT? That's the only way i can really explain it.
Any word on what i should do, is this normal? Should i remove the green spots? Should i replace the whole dressing ontop? I'm worried it's gonna harm my plant's so PLEASE let Me know if this is a problem or just something that happens and not to worry about it. Thanks

I circled one of the biggest problem areas in red*

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That's algae. It's not life threatening. You can leave it, pluck it out, or re-pot.

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Okay, thanks... i figured it's was something like that but when it comes to my babies I'm super CRAZY and just wanted to make sure ALL WAS Ay Okay!
I think we all doubt our intuition or knowledge in fear something might happen, but it's good to know when in doubt theirs someone on here to convince ME I'm doing fine!

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Did you wash that LFS first? Cause it can contain all sorts of nasty stuff you don't want. Such as eggs, twigs, even parts of dead animals. It doesn't really help much with reducing the algae though that seems to happen regardless. Spray it with a weak fungicide if it bugs you but not sure if that will work.

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Yes it was washed, rinsed and repeated several times.. i actually tried a few diff brands cause some i used looked gray and yucky..while others i used had to much sticks ands stuff in it.. itdoesn't bother ME looks wise just was making sure it doesn't hurt my plants so i wanted to double check on here. Thanks for the help and confirmation

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I've had good luck with the Orchid Moss brand but I'm not a fan of spaghnum in general. I really only use it exclusively to fill the bottom of pots and for Nepenthes(after mixed with a fair amount of Orchid Bark mix and perlite).

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