Accidental Use of Tap Water

sugargliderMay 4, 2012

Hello! I have just recently started getting into carnivorous plants (attempting to grow from seeds). My sister saw that my plants were looking a little dry and decided to water them for me. She accidentally used tap water (she did not know that my carnivorous ones needed special water. Do you think this watering will hurt them?

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dethcheez(Sunny SoCal Z10)


It wont make any difference
It's salt & mineral build up in the soil that will eventually kill them if you water them constantly with tap water
One watering wont hurt them

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Thank you. Sorry I am a bit of a worry wort. I wanted confirmation. Thank you :)

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Just top water a few times to help leach out any impurities that may have got into the soil. You'll be alright.

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