Flower Stock ( Red Dragon & Dente )

Kennith(10b CA)May 16, 2006

My Red dragon and Dente are sprouting flower stalks. I know that cutting the stalks will save them energy. But will they produce R.D. and Dente seeds? That all!!!

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how long have you had them and how healthy r they

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Kennith(10b CA)

I have had them for about a year and a half. They are very healthy plants!:)

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if they are healthy and are growned under right conditions(in full sun for 4-6 hours daily with a watered tray) then there shouldn't be any harm about allowing them to flower. my Dente vft already bloomed with flowers just today. i will have dente seeds soon and typical vft seeds shortly. take care

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u should lisen to xymox

and i have a questions for xymox what is a Dente vft i forgot

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akheadbanger(z?? OH)

Its basicaly like a saw tooth, teeth are more spread out though, and they are short with not as long cilla (is that the word), the teeth like projections.

I agree with xymox, My VFT's havent fully bloomed and just recently sent up stalks... Im way behind!


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They will produce seed (hand pollention is usually necessary) but they won't produce Red Dragon and Dente seed. The cultivar description for both these plants states that they should only be reproduced vegetatively. Any seedlings they do produce should not be labelled as Red Dragon or Dente (even if some of the progeny look like the parent plant). However, you probably will get some good (and different) plants coming up from seed so by all means raise the seed if you have the patience. Just label it as Red Dragon x Red Dragon (or Red Dragon x self) rather than Red Dragon etc.

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Will these plants divide the same as typical VFT? And if so, will they have the same characteristics?

Here is a link that might be useful: Backyard Bogs

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'Dente' and 'Red Dragon' divide just like any other VFT. Any plant that is vegetatively propagated from them (ie division, leaf cuttings, aerial plantlets, tissue cultured mericlones) should be genetically identical, should have identical characteristics and, therefore, should be given the original plant's cultivar name. The majority of carnivorous plant cultivars seem to have been registered with the requirement of vegetative propagation only. Presumably their characteristics are either not stable or haven't been assessed for stability. A few cultivars eg. Dionaea 'Red Burgundy' and 'Holland Red' are stable enough to be reproduced by seed and still retain the cultivar name. If you want to find out the recommended method of reproduction for a registered carnivorous plant cultivar, look it up on the Carnivorous Plant Database. It's not the most user friendly database in the world but it does contain a complete (as of the last update) list of all ICPS accepted cultivar, species and hybrid names.

Here is a link that might be useful: Carnivorous Plant Database

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What you may want to do to preserve the characteristics of the cultivar, instead of seeds is simply do leaf pullings of your plants and allow them to sprout new plants. This can easily be done in live swampy sphagnum moss, as pictured by Back2eight, with her tray of butterworts. I'm doing the same with VFT's, D. binata, D. filiformis, and Cephalotus follicularis.

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I just got a red dragon in flower and i am going to let it keep flowering because it is in such great shape

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I would take a leaf pulling and attempt to cultivate it - just in case....

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