Limp wilted leafs

_eee(9B)August 20, 2014

I have a young burg (about 12" tall) that has 5 wilted leafs. I had it in the house under grow lights and because it was doing so well I put it outside in the shade and it appeared it was doing just fine until a couple of days ago when the leaves started to wilt on the tips and now the whole leafs are wilted so I brought it back in under the grow lights but still wilted. We have had a lot of hot humidity so not sure that is the reason because my larger burgs are doing ok.
Any suggestions??? Dottie

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Hello Dottie,
Some varieties are more tolerant to the hot weather than others. If it hasn't been too long that you repoted it when you first got it and been watering everyday or something. Then it might be that your watering too much? Because at first when I first started buying brugs I had that problem. When I purchased them I would repot the small plants and water everyday and they would loose leafs and wilt. But now I know that for new starter plants you want to repot them and water them thoroughly once (I add some super thrive when I repot) and put them in the shade. then Wait until the soil looks dry to then water it again. You want to do that so it doesn't get root rot because it doesn't have that many roots to take up the water. It will soon provide tons of roots though. And by then if its really hot you can water daily. But another reason maybe it's too humid and hot in your area and is the soil too wet too? If it's not that the soil is too wet. Then it's probably that variety that just doesn't do very well in hot humid places. It might just need to get used to the climate. Hope my input somehow helps you to make your new brug happy.

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Hi Jesus, nice hearing from you again. I am not sure which it is that is causing the wilt but I did bring it in and only watered when the soil was on the dry side and I also use Superthrive when potting and I use the Superthrive in a spray bottle to spray the leaves which I did again. I am beginning to think I put it outside to soon in the HOT humidity when I should have waited but got anxious....oh is me.... Thanks for your input, I do appreciate it. Dottie

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You welcome. Hope it revives soon. I think it will as brugs are very hardy and pop right up again unless it's really rotten but I doubt it is if you have only watered when soil was dry. Maybe it just wilted because the hot humid climate was to harsh on it cuz its still small. And yes I would keep it inside for a while longer too and wait for it to grow a bit bigger so it's stronger and gets used to the weather better when your ready to take it out. btw what kind of brug is it?

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Jesus, I am fairly new to burgs so I am not sure what you mean "what kind of brug is it". All I know is that it is a double pink by the name Day Dream. Well, I am keeping my fingers crossed that all will be well in a few days.

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