My aloe - Can you ID it please?

valeriev(z9 Bay Area CA)June 14, 2012

HI. Here is my aloe that a girlfriend of mine gave to me when she moved across the country. It was in a little 10" pot when she gave it to me a year ago. It's since gone crazy, growing. She even produced a baby.

Anyone know what type of aloe this is??



Thanks guys!!!!

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Aloe vera for the second one, first one - not sure. Wonder Lzrddr will check this...

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valeriev(z9 Bay Area CA)

The baby come from the big plant. So, usually that means they are the "same kind"?

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You've got the same Aloe vera chinensis that's commonly sold as Aloe vera (which has yellow flowers and its rosette is more compact). A. v. c. has orange flowers as is a flopper if not grown in direct light (like mine isn't) - it tightens up in more sun / less water but you want to acclimate it to full sun.

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