When to collect VFT seeds?

ediblelizardMay 30, 2006


I've been looking around online for information on when to collect VFT seeds but all I get are ads to purchase some.

My VFT has been growing this very long flower stalk with quite a few buds at the top. It tried to grow a flower stalk last year but I pinched it off because I wanted it to be a bit older before I let it bloom. Now that a year has passed and summer is on its way, its trying to bloom again.

My question is, I was wondering how I can tell when it is ready to collect the seeds? Does it dry and I remove the pod? Or do I need to put a plastic bag over it because of the pod popping open to spread seeds everywhere?

I'm completely new to this territory. I've had this VFT for three years now. It was purchased from Wal-Mart or K-Mart or some store where it was already a grown VFT with a plastic cup as its 'dome'.

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The sign when to collect vft seeds is allowing the whole flowers to dry. usually , after pollinating all the flowers, the flowers will close, then the flower pod will swell a bit. when this happens just wait.

so the flower pods will swell, after a couple of weeks, they will begin to shrivel. just inspect each flower pod closely each day. they seeds will be revealed on their own, they will not spread all over the place if they are harvested in the right time. once the flower pod shrivels, it will reveal the seeds on its own, then that's the right time to collect seed. i am awaiting for my flower pods to reveal their seed. :) i already pollinated over.. 40 + flowers! and i still need to pollinate more. good luck.

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oh by the way, after pollination , when a flower pod remains green that means the pollination was successful, after that, it will begin to turn a bit brown then shrivel. don't bother opening it, just wait until the seeds are revealed on their own.

sorry i mistyped "their" for "they" haha. good luck then.

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Do your big mouth VFTs pollinate true? I got two this year as one year old divisions and would like to eventually have a pot of monster chompers like you have. It'll be two or three years before they produce seed but I'd like to know If it'll work. Mine area all over the place. I got 3 "typical" VFTs years ago. The seedlings show signs of dentate, a red form and typical. So I'm guessing they were open pollinated.

What are your plans for all those seeds? I'd be more tthaqn happy to take a few off your hands. I'm not sure I have anything you'd want to trade but we could talk.

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Thank you, Xymox! I most likely won't get any seeds but it's fun to think about it though.

Division? I haven't disturbed my VFT but it is growing from the side of the small pot. I was told not to disturb it because of its fragile roots. I can safely break up the dirt inside and relocate it to the middle or just let it grow up from the side of the pot? It's been moving "south". The first year I got it, it grew from the middle. The second year, it grew a new one off to the side, and now this year, it's growing completely from the side of the pot. The pot is extremely tiny and I don't have the appropriate soil to repot it or anything.

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just don't disturb the plant if you do not have the appropriate soil. since flytraps simply can benefit from peat moss & perlite..

oh flytraps don't rally have long root systems, specially if they are young ones. so don't really worry about its container, if it's doing fine, then let it be. You can divide your plant next year's early spring(it will be a while but it will be worth it) division is the fastest way to aquire more plants. take care.

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I finally caught some seeds today when I went to look. Three pods opened while the rest don't seem to have swelled or anything.

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I can't say whether Big Mouth comes true from seed although I'd be inclined to think there'd be some variation in trap size and colouration. My experience is that Big Mouth is a vigorous grower and forms new crowns readily. I'd suspect that by the time you germinate seed and grow it on to maturity, you'd already have a sizeable clump from your two plants.

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edible lizard, not most seed capsules make the same seed credit. i am glad you collected vft seeds :)

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