You can leave the light onnnn....

lindaflower(7 DFW)May 31, 2006

Hey! Can I leave my CF light on all the time or will my VFT's get exhausted?



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back2eight(South MS)

I think with any plant they really need that night time rest without the light. They need the time off from absorbing sunlight to be able to process it.

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There are destinct day and night biochemical processes in any green plant. To much light can be a bad thing

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lindaflower(7 DFW)

Thanks for the input. That's what I was thinking, but being a newbie, I don't know everything about these creatures. I'm getting frustrated with no color in my traps. I thought longer lighting might help.

I DID find a site that sells 105 watt CF bulbs (500 watt incand.) and that may be my next option as the bugs are giving me problems from the 2 times I put them outdoors.

Hey! Maybe I just have the green variety!

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LOL! Keeping a light on is like pulling perpetual all-nighters, like in college, at finals time! It catches up with ya! Yes, you are very likely to have a 'typical", which is going to be mostly green, with a little pink or red in the trap. You are much more liekly to see red plants from sundews. Here are some examples of window sill plants:

Any possibilty to provide outside growing for the VFT? VFT's & American Pitcher Plants really do best when outside. (Key phrase: 'do best')

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If you want color you need more intense like not just more. Mine pink up nicely ona south windowsill, but get very red outside with some protection from dry conditions.

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lindaflower(7 DFW)

Petiolaris, those look great! I wish I had one! Okay, so I need more intense light IF in fact they can turn red. I have a 34 watt CF and filtered sun through the window and trees... and awnings.

Hmmm... I saw somewhere on this site a guide for testing your light using the light meter on your camera, have any of y'all tried that?

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The scientific term for the action of light and plants is
called photoperiodism.
In trying to snag a link that would give all more info on this in regards to carns I ran across this site. It looks cool and you may want to save it on your Favorites. pages on carns

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