Self Watering Ceramic Pots?

christy2828(8a)May 14, 2007

Could you put a Venus Fly Trap in one of the African Violet self watering ceramic pots? Just curious, apparently AV's don't like them :) Thanks, Christy

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I think the best way to answer the question, since I've never used a self-watering ceramic pot, is to describe what a VFT does like. They are light lovers, more so than most CP's, and really need to be outside, in direct sunlight. Window sills, terraria, and artificial lighting are inadequate for the long run.

Unlike many CP's, that do just fine with its pot sitting in a container of water, VFT's prefer one that allows water to drain through its pot. A cobra lily might be a better candidate for the self-watering pot.

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Hello christy2828,

The thing about AV pots is that they release water very slowly, just keeping the soil barely moist. This is good for plants like Butterworts, Nepenthes, and Cephalotus that do not like to sit in water, but might not be ideal for bog plants like Venus Flytraps, Sundews, and Sarracenias. They typically prefer some standing water either just below (VFT) or right on, Sarracenias and many sundews, their root tips.

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Well, I know about the AV's in those planters, but the AV's don't do well. They get root rot because of so much water. I'm wondering if the VFT's would do well with those specific planters. Just curious, really. I bought a VFT about 2 months ago, it was very happy with the mini-greenhouse which I immediately removed. Then it went downhill and I looked up the FAQ here. It is now outside and growing new traps. I have several AV self watering ceramic planters that don't work for AV's because they're too wet. I've heard they may also work for Holiday Cactus. I'm not ready to tackle replanting my VFT yet, but thought it might be interesting. :) Christy

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Hello christy2828,

Sounds like some faulty AV pots there. Maybe they would work for VFT. You could try them with one plant and see how it works.

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From what I am reading, Sarracenias and some of the temperate sundews would probably do well in that setup. They tend to grow in water-logged conditions. VFT's need drainage or they rot. It sounds like your VFT may have reacted to a change in conditions that it could not handle (too much too fast).

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I have several self watering ceramic pots with African Violets in them. After a while the pots seem to stop seeping water through the unglazed portion. Is this due to mineral deposits from our tap water? Should I unpot these AF and steep the potliners in vinegar or some other mineral disolving ligquid that will not hurt the plants when I replant them? I purchased several new pots and they results is as expected - healthy, happy African Violets!
Many thanks for listening and hopefully help me out!

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I don't even like self watering pots for my AVs. They like to dry out between watering.

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