Please suggest plants for Mass....Northern grower

meyermike_1micha(5)May 30, 2013

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a few hardy plants that would do well in my bog I created yesterday?
I would also love to know of a place that sells them for a good price.

I would love to leave them outdoors all winter and grow them as perennials/

Sometime I get a winter that is a zone 6, then I could get one here and there as if I am in zone 5.

Thanks so much!

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As far as carnivorous plants go a S. purpurea may be the only one you can possibly leave out. And I would mulch that in the fall for winter. Sarracenia Northwest is a good place to get plants. AND they have excellent videos.

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you'd actually be suprised what you can get to make it through the winter. I have an in ground bog. I got D. filliformis, intermedia, rotundifolia, Dionea, S. Judith Hindle, and S. Diana's Delight with heavy mulching. W/out (which was stupid of me) mulching I got some Oreophila hybrids, S. flava, and Scarlet Belle to pull through, with S. leuco, Dionea, and a flava/alata as casualties. This is an experiment in progress for me the past two winters here on Iowa (z5).

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Hey, thanks so much Tom and Corb!

I wonder if they sell a product that you can just lay on the ground that one can use to insulate plants underneath it?
It would be nice not to have to use mulch or leaves which can create a mess.


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tomr(Z6 NY)

Sorry nothing like that exists. A basement (or greenhouse) that stays about 40 degrees F. would do.

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An S. purpurea might be good. From my experience they are a very hardy species.

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Hi Meyer mike, Have you ever tried using bales of staw? make it like an igloo, so to speak, not quite as messy to move and clean up in the spring.

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