Peat and Sphagnum moss? HELP!!!!!!

Nbarger75May 7, 2011

Okay so I got a alice sundew Vft and n. ventricosa and planted them in this peat moss with perlite and on the vft i threw some dried sphagnum on top. I got the Sphagnum from lowes and the peat moss from a nursery.

Lately, my sundew looked ill, and the nepenthes had some dieing pitchers, nothing seemed wrong with what I was doing. I use peat moss, perlite , distilled water, yet i was failing. So i thought maybe somehow i used tap water accidently so i got distilled water and poured it through the sundews peat moss and then checked it with my TDS tester. It came out at 068 ppm!!!!! then to see if the peat was the problem, i poured some distilled water in a cup then mixed in some peat moss to a soupy mixture. I checked the TSD and it was 015, and rising each minute. So I knew i had bad peat so to be safe I did the same to the sphagnum and got even higher results!!! WTH!!!!! So what do you guys suggest I use, can you recommend a brand of peat and sphagnum online? the distilled water is not the problem so dont suggest i find different water. But what can i do know. I took some leaf cuttings from the sundew so if It dies i have back up. But how do i keep it alive till i get different soil?

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you may have bought some greenmoss that was incorrectly labeled as sphagnum moss, it happens alot. geenmoss is poisonous to cps, and you need to check the bag for your peatmoss, it is either not actually made of sphagnum peat moss or it is like the miracle grow brand and has fertilizer in it. which is bad for your plant. and where are you growing your nep? how much sunlight does it get? you also might want to make sure your mix for the nep has slightly more perlite than peat.

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The type of peat I have been using for over 14 years now is the peat that comes in 3 Cubic Feet bails. You can get this type of peat from Lowes or maybe even Walmart. The only pain is that since the peat is so dry it takes a bit to get it wet again. It isn't a "Need" to use Long Fibered Sphagnum Moss, the plants can do fine with out it.

The Total Dissolved Solids meter you have might not be reading correctly since there is the chance of soil being in the water. I under stand it tests the EC of the water for Dissolved inorganic salts but there might be a chance of it being thrown off.

So assuming the peat is correct and the moss isn't green moss lets run through some other things. How long ago did you transplant the plants? What are the Day and Night temps where you live? How often do you water? Are the pots sitting in a tray that has water in it? How wet is the soil? How much sunlight or light do the plants receive? Are they indoors or out? Did you check to make sure there are no bad bugs on the plants or there is no mold?

If you decide to replant once again go with 60/40 peat to perlite. This mix seems to work well as a general all purpose mix I use for everything from VFT's to Nepenthes. The more demanding plants require different media but you have easy to grow plants. CP's can be tricky and fussy but once you get your techniques dialed in they will flourish.

Best Wishes!!

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