WANTED: 'Luna ' hibiscus seeds

dirtrx(z7nc)September 20, 2006

Hi everyone, just got an email from a friend. She has a granddaughter named "Luna" and is looking for some seeds. I used to have a "Luna" but I didn't collect seeds this time around. Does anyone have any? I'll be glad to do a swap off my list. I will work on getting my list posted ASAP. I have most of my seeds collected. I do have a gorgeous Jap. Morning glory. It is purple with a white edge and a pinkish star. The blossom is huge. I also have a chocolate mornging glory. Absolutely stunning but give this one some room. PLMK, Shannon/Dirtrx

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Shannon - the hibiscus sold as Luna is a hybrid I believe and probably won't come true from seed. Sometimes they do -sorta - but most of the time you get a broad array of similar colors and flower sizes.

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Would it still be "luna" or just a lunatic lol. This hybrid thing confuses me. I wish there was an easy way to remember if things are hybrid and if the seeds will come true or if they are sterile. i actually don't mind the varied offspring just waiting on sterile seeds to germinate. Its kinda of like watching a pot for boiling water when you have forgotten to turn the burner on. By the way Thursday is a bust for me again :(. Shannon/Dirtrx

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aisgecko(7b Raleigh)

There is an easy way. For the most part 'named' varieties are hybrids. For example, swamp mallows pretty much come true from seed because they are pollinated with other of the same mallow. But there is some variation it's just that the variation doesn't matter. Named varieties such as 'Luna' are specific genetic varieties or hybrids and are generally reproduced asexually so there is no variation. So my general rule of thumb is that if it's named it has to be reproduced asexually to maintain the name though you might get seedlings that look very similar. -Ais.

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I also wondered if the Luna's I saw being sold were just regular hybrid hibiscus that had been treated with growth regulators to keep them stubby and not true to their genetics - meaning that after a season or so the plant you see won't look much like the plant you bought.

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aisgecko(7b Raleigh)

Big Box stores are terrible about selling seedlings as their named parents. They had 'Etain' Violets this spring that were clearly seedlings as some were nearly all purple and some nearly all yellow. I bought them anyways because they were cheap and pretty, but on principle I probably shouldn't have. -Ais.

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Shannon I'll look and see if my Luna has any seeds this year.

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Luna (hybrid or strain or cultivar or whatever of Hisbiscus moscheutos)can be grown from "official" Luna seed, and Luna officially comes in red and white/red. If it comes "officially" in 2 colors, it's not a clone - it's already a mix. So I think seed should come, not "true", but as near to "true" as anything you'd buy with an official Luna label.

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Thanks everybody. I always learn something. So basically if it has a name it is a hybrid. It sounds so simple put that way. I know there are exceptions with sterility etc.

Alicia please let me know if you have any seeds. I'll be glad to swap you some things of my list. Thanks, Shannon/Dirtrx

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Hi I have plenty of seeds if you want to
try them. Luna Blush, and red.

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Debbie, I am in the process of updating my list. Some of my seeds are still drying. I do have dd coneflowers. I will go check tomorrow to see if the birds left me any seeds. I also have some other large blossom mg which are drying on the vine. I would love to work something out. Shannon/Dirtrx

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Shannon if you still want any seeds I got one pod that has two dozen seeds.

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Debbie and Alicia I sent you both emails. I don't know if you got them or not. I can't quite figure out why or when or to whom my computer decides not to send emails. I am still interested in the seeds. I have started the update on my list. As of right now I am not sure I have anything on your perspective want list but maybe some of my other seeds will tempt you. Thanks, Shannon/Dirtrx

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Shannon I didn't get your e-mail. Want to trade for the moonflower seeds?

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