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Wayne1964(8)August 11, 2012

The new leaves start out nice and green then start to yellow with white spots on the leaves and get crisp brown edges on leaves. Had spider mite issues and have been treating for them. Water regularly, keep soil moist, miracle grow weekly 1tbs per gallon water, added some green light brand iron & soil acidifier, I'm in zone 8, 90-100 summer temps, they are in a large large pot under shade. Disease, pest or what else?

See photos album for pics.

Thanks for any help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo Album

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this might be a fungal disease and from what i have read of it, it looks like cleaning up the base of the plant from debris might help, it doesn't look like you have much congestion of leaves... btw looks like a nice healthy plant otherwise... mine is suffering in every which way :(

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The yellow stippling makes me think mites. Check the undersides of the leaves carefully, you may want to use a hand lens. Mites feed by sucking out the inside of the leaf, leaving an empty void. Each feeding void appears as a yellowish spot, and many voids will appear yellow to white. The leaf will tend to become dry, and due to the loss of moisture then becoming brown around the margins, and eventually fall off.
IF you see mites, which are typically very small, with 2 spots on their bodies, then you will have to treat for them.

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