Lady Slipper Care

cms_azJune 11, 2014

I posted this question on the Arizona Gardening but still need some more help. My Lady Slipper is turning yellow. Is this from too much water or sun? I am not sure what to do with it. It bloomed and then afterwards started to turn yellow. I get's full afternoon sun and it has been quite warm (100 degrees plus).

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

A picture would be very helpful. Next, I'm not familiar with a succulent or cactus with a common name "Lady Slipper". I know Paphiopedium orchids are commonly called "Lady Slipper".

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If it's an orchid, full sun and hundred degree weather will kill it. Paphs are shade with a few hours of sun, but, mostly bright light plants. Most lady slippers need moisture in the root area more often then most orchids, with some growers, even, placing the pots in trays of distilled water.

Otherwise, don't know what other plant Lady Slipper you would be referring too.
Yes, photo would be helpful.

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mingtea(z9 Tucson)

Pedilanthus macrocarpus.
Blooming is hard, maybe it needs some water?


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lots of shade try filtering it at an east window right hand side for very early morning sun rise Will also benifit from cool breezes and cool circulating air.
Lady slippers are Paphiopedilum orchids and would suggest to also inquire in orchid forum. Watering them them is regular but often 1 - 2 sometimes 3 times a week to help keep roots and bark soil on the cooler side.

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mingtea(z9 Tucson)

This is the problem with common names. Slipper plant is P. macrocarpus colloquially in AZ. It is a full sun, drought tolerant plant also known as the red bird plant, lady slipper and, confusingly, candelilla (common name for E. antisyphilitica). It is a member of the euphorbiaceae. I'm only guessing this is this "lady slipper" being referred to here, as current temps would fry most orchids.


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Ha, Wow. I've never heard of the lady slipper euphorbia type. Thanks Ming, for pointing that out. Yeah, I was confused (I happen to own a few of the orchid types) and now I get what op was probably referring to.....
I can def see the slipper shape on the red bird plant.

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Sorry, I assumed that since I was on the succulent forum there would not be confusion with the orchid of same name. I have included a picture. These succulents have become popular in Arizona.

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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

That's neat. I've never heard of it.

How long have you had it? The soil looks off to me. Maybe it needs better drainage?

Is it several plants? You may want to remove one if they are all separate and see how the roots look.

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They seem to be overpotted, I'd use a courser soil with less peat in a pot about 1/2 the size Save this one though they do get nicely sized.

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mingtea(z9 Tucson)

How long have those cuttings been rooted? They are looking heat stressed to me. What is the exposure? Overpotting is usually not a problem with these guys. As I said, I would up the water until monsoons hit (if we get any).
Mine is in full western exposure and watered once a week. I will invariably lose one or a few stems over the summer but they are quickly replaced in more dulcet weather. This clump was rooted in a pot but when I moved it to full sun exposure I waited until the early spring to give it time to acclimate. If yours are newish starts in heavy sun, you may want to wait to expose them. Those pots dry out very quickly, no matter what the medium and even though this is a tough plant (once established) you gotta baby the babies ;)


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Mingi luv that clump of cacti(?) In the back left of your picture sooo cool

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