WANTED: Greenville swap rules??

petalpusher101September 13, 2006

I am new to GW and have been looking for a local swap. Need to get a feel of how everything works. I plan on being at Sunrise on Sat. but what the rules of the trade? Please help

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It's pretty informal since this is only the second one. Let us know what you may be looking for and what you may have to bring or just bring what you have extras of.. there were only 3 of us the last time so I came home with a lot of new things that I didn't have.

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Am I supposed to go ahead and dig my plants up or do I communicate with my locals and see what they are interested in? I really don't have much that is unusal.Do the clippings need to be rooted first? I have:
monkey grass
astec grass
poenies (4 varieties but don't know which until they bloom)
Young Niobe clematis
Natchez Crepe Myrle (rooted)
several varieties of Azalea
purple heart
purple oxalis (love this!!)
I also have some kind of Lily but I don't know what it is. It's almost like a mini trumpet. Very bright orange flowers that grow upright on spikes. Very Dainty. Very pretty.

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Hey ya'll,

I'm planning to come over. I have one (possibly two) rooted cuttings of a variegated hydrangea (name unknown), a rooted cutting of the "Dooley" hydrangea (unknown hydrangea from Coach Dooley's yard so the legend goes)a couple of small Japanese Maple seedlings (green, variety unknown), a Coral Nymph Salvia seedling (maybe two), a couple of small rooted gardenia cuttings (hardy, six foot tall in my yard, always loaded with blooms, variety unknown) already potted and ready to come that way. I have some Bradford Pear seedlings (my daughters call them the NON-stinky variety...evidently the ones at their school have a strong fishy odor according to them)and some Siberian Iris (purple) that I can dig to bring along if anyone sees this and wants some. Also a ton of green lirope. I have a star jasmine and a confederate jasmine that I can take cuttings from if anyone would like those...just haven't gotten around to rooting any but am planning to for Spring swaps (so we gotta plan one of those, too). Oh, also have a few exta kinds of seeds that I'll bring if I remember...oh, oh and I have a few little torenia seedlings coming up if anyone wants to try them for a few weeks (annual), bring them in for the Winter, etc. They always reseed for me. Don't know for sure what color they are until they bloom for that reason. Could be purple/white, dark pink/white or light pink white. Wow, can you tell I'm excited?!?

Do we need to bring any goodies...of the eating, kind, I mean?!?!

If anyone happens to have Witch Hazel or Winter Honeysuckle, I'd love to have some. I can't think of anything else right now but I end up loving EVERYTHING anyway.

Gotta email Tara for directions...

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petalpusher, you don't have time to root cuttings this time but some of us may be interested in unrooted cuttings. I wouldn't mind trying some of the peonies. I would also like to get one of the lilies.

homegrownsc, if you want to bring something to eat, it will be all right. At the spring Swap Tara fed us hot dogs. I wouldn't mind having a cutting from your jasmines! What color is the Dooley hydrangea?

There were only three of us at the one in the spring. I still came home with lots of new goodies.

For directions, you take the Pelham Road exit off I85 and turn towards highway 14 (away from Greenville), turn to the right at the light before Rockwell Automation. That will be Garlington Road where they just replaced the bridge. Sunset Assisted living will be up the hill on the right. You can't miss it. Email me and I will give you my cell number so you can call if you have problems.

I am bringing some named canna lilies, Casa Blanca oriental lilies, gladiola bulbs, dahlia tubers, some sedum, green elephant ears, and don't remember what else. this happened so fast that I didn't have time to start anything else!

I'm so excited!

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countrygirl sc, I'll surely bring some jasmine then. Dooley hydrangea is blue and has been known to rebloom according to info I've read.

I'd love a Casa Blanca lily or two and dahlia tubers...maybe some sedum.

Thanks for the directions! I've sent you an email.

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Thanks everyone for helping me out! I'm very excited also. So I'll see ya'll tomorrow!!!!

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homegrown, I didn't get your email so I sent you one. I hope you get it and I expect to see you and petalpusher both tomorrow!


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Well I've been out in the beds diggin' and dividen' and I think I'm all set! Countrygirl I've got your peonies and lilies. I wish I could figure out what kind of Liliy it is. I've been searching but no luck yet. But I think you'll like it. I am bringing a small clipping of the actual flower for you to see. You may be able to let me know. Can you tell me where I need to go once I get there? Inside/Outside???? Thanks

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I have FINALLY figured out what kind of lily I have. It is a Kaffir Lily. It is easy,easy, easy!! Also very beautiful. Still not sure of the exact color I have but we now have a name!!

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