My New Nepenthes!!

teisa(6)June 30, 2013

Ive always wanted a Nepenthes, I found one today and have just fell in LOVE. They are being sold in Food City Chain! Of all places, not a nursery, or Box store, but my Grocery store.

Now they were not labeled, so does anyone know this variety offhand? Any other suggestions from others that know how to grow this?


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I've had this same plant for a little over two months now. I water mine every other day, keeping the soil moist is the key. Mine is out on the porch with a east facing sun.

You'll have to fill the pitchers halfway with water and try and get some bugs to put in there, that's where they get their nutrients from. Anything form ants, bees, flies etc.

I'll try and get some pics of mine up.
Good luck

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Dragon66- Watering it every other day sounds a bit excessive, does it really dry out that fast if you don't? The media should be moist, but not soaking wet all the time. You also do not have to keep the pitchers filled with water. The reason these pitchers have lids is to keep excess water out of the pitcher. The excess water will dilute the digestive enzymes. The plant will put water into the pitchers itself. If you notice there's water in the pitcher already before it even opens.

teisa- Your Nepenthes is a ventrata, a hybrid. N. alata x ventricosa.

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Thanks Jungle Mel, I appreciate the information!

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Mine is inside growing in south facing window. Also have grow light. Should I grow Ventrata outside? It seems to be doing fine but looks like others are being told to place outdoors.

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You CAN grow it under a tree during the warm months but I prefer to grow mine indoors in a west filtered sun window.

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Ok thanks tommyr, I noticed just a little brown spotting where mine was too close to light on the green leaves. I moved it to a window a little more shaded. Thanks!

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Hi, I too just got my first at a grocery store a week ago, so exciting! mine looks like the one you have,have you found out which variety it is? thanks

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