Pitcher plants purchased at Lowes

hunterkiller03(9)June 14, 2006

Hi All,

I have read in the forum how Lowes and Home depot sell abused plants and recently Lowes have been selling three plants crammed in a small cube terrarium.

Here in Phoenix, the Lowes stores have been selling plants in their own cubes about, the normal cobra lily, venus flytrap, and Drosera adelaea about $8 each and they seem to be in fair conditions. But last Saturday, they were selling two types of hybrid pitcher plants. S. 'Scarlet Belle' (a.k.a. S. 'Wrigleyana') and S. 'Jidith Hindle' and they were marked as such. Not like those 3-ich pots that only says hybrid sarracenia species and don't know what you are buying.

Becaue I already have 2 'Scarlet Belle', I only purchase 'Judith Hindle' and it look healthy. Two bad they only had one. I'll be keeping an eye on Lows stores see what else they bring.


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I bought my first Cobra Lilly from a lowes store down here in Cruces, those non drained containers are screaming root rot for a Darlingtonia. The ones down here sell very nice Drosera Adelae, but I've always been rather dissapointed with the Sarracenia, which are either S. Purpurea var Venosa or S. Rubra ssp. Rubra, nad VFT's forget it, those little boxes are more like coffins then a mini-terrerium, the butterworts normally are taken by root rot too, once I spent four bucks on a dead one, that made my day. That's a really nice looking X Judith Hindle though, especially for a lowe's plant. Wal-mart sells really nice hybrids, and I'm always tempted to purchase a X Judith Hindle, but then I think, "not yet, maybe in spring, I'm still looking for a creative way to get my temperates through winter though.

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I agrre that it is rare for healthy plant to be sold at Lowes stores or any other store; but I don't think that the small terrariums that are being sold at Lowes are meant to be permanent. Essentially the plant looks like they are sold "bare-root" with moss wrapped around it to protect the rhizome or stem of the plant, and the idea of selling them in these plastic boxes is to give them a "shelf life" and not have it die off immediately. (Look at me, defending Lowes! Maybe I'm happy because I purchased a healthy S. 'Judith Hindle' at a great price. Shop at Lowes... HA!)

The nursery's name that are selling this plants in small terrarium is call Bug-Biting Plants and I kinda like their idea of selling plants in small sealed containers because that way the humidity is maintained and the clueless store clerks don't have to water these plants with regular tap-water, which can kill these plants. Unlike the unknown wholesale nurseries that sell essentially crushed plants in small 3-inch pots and are watered from a garden hose at the store.

I did a search for Bug-Biting Plants and found this URL: http://www.bugbitingplants.com, the a webpage nursery is called Bug-Biting Plants. I'm assuming this is the same nursery because they do sell S. 'Wrigleyana' and S. 'Judith Hindle' , I'll be sending an e-mail to verify, hopefully they respond.

In the meantime I'll be recycling these small 4-ich terrariums, drilling a whole on top for ventilation and grow, either sundews or butterworts.

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oh I've recycled those little terreriums, once I put a little layer of peat moss, and some distilled water and sealed it, and a whole bunch of plants grew out of it, nad it was just the peat moss no other seds on my part, it was impressive, have fun scooping that X Judith Hindle out of the tank though, the soil smells like a bean eatting team let one rip in unisone. you know theres a Drosera Adelae, that I'm so tempted to buy at the one here, but then I think well my terrerium is pretty full, and that soil is pretty ummm...RANK, hmmm I have an idea for a new post and I very well might go cash tomorrows pay check and buy myself a lance leaf, that is assuming it's stilll alive. lol

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So far all I've been able to find is S. purpurea and S. rubra. And I don't know what subspecies the rubra is!

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just two days ago i went to lowes and they had a purple pitcher plant, a judith hindle, what appeares to be a scarlette belle, and one lablled "Red pitcher plant". I bought them all cause they looked like fairly healthy sarrs, and why let them die in lowes? i put them in new pots and set them in water treys outside and they all are redding up nicely in the sun (espesially the one called the red pitcher plant, hence the name i guess) the one that looks in poorest health is the scarllete belle.

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Hi all,
Hey darkdes, The "Red pitcher plant" you refer is Sarracenia rubra. Good luck with your plants, I'm sure your 'Scarlet Belle' wil recover this hybrd is a tough plant.
Anyways, the storeclerks of Lowes I gave high remark last month did something realy stupid. They received a new shipments of VFT, lance leaf sundews, and pitcher plants in these little terarium plastic boxes, they sold a lot. These IDIOTS place them outside in direct sunlight, 109' degrees in Phoenix, Arizona... A hot desert. These peabrain store clerks couldn't figure out qhy they died so quickly. Du-u-u-u-uh...?
Poor plants, didn't have a chance. Makes me angry thinking about itt. nuf' said.

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I acutally bought 4 plants at my local Lowes last week. They have the 4 inch and the (guessing 2 inch, but its smaller anyway) death houses... er I mean terrariums. Anyway, I bought two of the large Drosera and two butterwarts. I'm kind of waiting on the butterwarts to kick the bucket any day now but they're clinging to life to a freying thread. The Adelae on the other hand are starting to produce dew again. (Yesterday I saw it capture it's first nat, I was so proud)

I talked their plant guy into letting me buy them for half off due to the fact that 90 percent of the plants were already black. I got the four best plants I could find and I guess two out of four isn't terrible. At least I gave them a fighting change eh?

Hopeing to find out when I might get a better shot at getting fresher plants, I called and asked when they get their shipments. Appearently they have buyers who do all that stuff on the corperate level and they just get what comes in without knowing what that will be.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tangled Web of Aracknight

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Had to go to the Mainland yesterday so went by Lowes. Apparently they just got their shipment. The plants look great, very healthy looking. So I bought 2 big terraniums and 3 small ones, 4 types pitches & a butterwort. Took the tops off the terrariums, put them in some am sun to acclimate them. I'll get them potted up this weekend.
I'm blaming ya'll for this purchase! I wouldn't have looked if not for this thread.
One thing, the instructions seem to indicate you SHOULD leave them in this terrarium! I won't of course, they will end up repotted on the upper deck.
Tally HO!

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If I could find a Judith at one of my local Lowes, I'd get it too!

Here is a link that might be useful: Backyard Bogs (The Natural Alternative)

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what kind of ping does lowes sell? im still not sure

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This is what I have found at the Lowes in the Reqading, PA area: D. californica, D. adelae, D. spatulata, D. muscipula, S. purpurea, S. rubra, S. Judith Hindle, S. Dana's Delight, N. sanguinea, N. ventrata, and P. primuliflora.

Not a bad seection and if you get there as close to arrival, they will do just fine. Here are pics of what I got from them:

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Hi All,
Nice pictures! Despite my little story of two store clerk killing their plants in a particular Lowes store, I posted on July 10th. I'm seeing Lowes are selling more diversity of plants and better quality then Home Depot. I wonder what else they will bring. I purchase two cobra plants from Lowes and potted them in clay pots.

One cobra is green with a flat dome.

And one that is redder,fatter and more rounded dome.

I wonder if these are two different varieties. I wonder what other species of cp lowes sell in their stores.

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Our lowes is even worse. I almost got a job there so I could work with the plants. The manager was rude. Now when my parents go shopping there I tell the customers where they can get the plants cheaper; from the grower who supplies them.

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I've gotta go to the mainland this week. I'll look at Lowes again. They didn't have that big of a selection last time I was up there.
The others are all potted up and doing fine.
Tally HO!

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greenjay(Zone 6)

I actually got a nice "purple pitherplant" at Lowe's . I repotted it the next day and one week later it gave me two more pitchers . (originally it had two). My current pitcher count 5 weeks later is 6 . All except the original two are getting nice purple veining going on !
I have purchased plants from bugbiting plants and they've all been great! I bought 20 regular venus flytraps from them and 1 1/2 years later they're all growing just fine. Very easy to do business with. Make sure you check out the section marked " specials".
Happy Growing

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Hi All,
Here I am again, opening this old string. This weekend I went to purchase a doorknob and mice traps. When I discovered that the store is selling a new shipment of Sarracenia x 'Judith Hindle' again. Already I have bought two plantlets of the same hybrid growing inside the infamous "cubes of death", as one member described it. But to my surprise, these new plants were sold "out in the open" not in cubes or terrariums or anything like that or even cramped in small container pots with crushed leaves. These were well established mature plants growing in there own 4 inch pots, as you can see in the pictures below.

The biggestpitcher from my plant I purchased is almost 5 inches tall.

They looked so beautiful, I couldnÂt resist buying one. I think someone is really listening to customers complaints. These plants are sold by a new nursery exchange company company called Bloomrite from California. I wonder what other plants the new company will sell. Then again, dormant season is quickly approaching, so probably next year.

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those are BEAUTIFUL pitchers!!

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hunterkiller, are you using those pitchers in place of the mouse traps??!!
Nice plants! Looks like I have to make a trip to Lowe's...

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No, I'm not using the pitchers for mouse traps (lol). Matter of fact, I got so excited that I forgot to buy the mouse traps on the first trip when I saw the plants. I did buy the doorknob at the first trip. Had to make another trip to Lowes to buy the mouse traps.

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a new innovation Lowes is selling yellow pitcher plants in: big tall "cans". It gives them room, and so far the yellow pitchers are looking pretty healthy. the can is very tall, and the "label" on the bottom has a weath of info. Sadly, it's only for yellow pitcher plants

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Really, I wonder this are being sold in AZ? Most of the time different wholesales supply differently stores from other regions in the US. But then again, the infamous cubes of death are being sold everywhere. I probably check it out tomorrow.

Thanks for the heads up!

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Oh well... no flava sold @ Arizona's Lowes. Like last year, bloomrite selling Sarracenia x 'Judith Hindle' again in simple open pots.

It would have been neat if flavas were being sold here.

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I recently bought one of the Bug Biting Plants Terrarium. There is a Venus Fly Trap and a Sarracenia x. year old dormant seedlings in a 5x5x10 inch terrarium. I followed the directions on the terrarium but I am confused as what to do next. All the instructions said was to plant them, add 1/4 cup water and to re-cover the terrarium and that the plants should grow in 4-8 weeks. I was wondering if I need to water them and open the terrarium up so that they get sunlight and fresh air at all after the initial planting. Any advice on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

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I also purchased the death terriam and it is a bad idea to keep the pitcher and flytrap in it do to root rot and lack of air to the roots.I reccomend repotting in a 50 peat 50 spanguhm mix and adapting to low humidity,

good luck,

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I wouldn't keep the lid over it. Both the VFT & the Sarracenia it came with it are way to big for the cover. Beised they can get used to low humidity so I wouldn't use that cover. But you can't take them out because of the small pot & growing media, it will dry out quickly, so putting it next to east or west facing window will be best. The instructions are good for planting them but not good enough for caring them. What type of water are you using?

You need to water your plants with distilled water or clean rain water, or R/O water.

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

It's fine to leave the top on (to save a little watering) until they start growing but leave it cracked when in direct sun or they will over heat. Once they start growing slowly remove the top by rotating or propping it up a little more each day and keep the soil moist. Eventually I would remove them completely and put the pot in a tray of water outside in full all day sun. If you see any mold before then, remove them and spray with a fungicide.

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