Who knew deer liked Euphorbia?

jeepman69(8b)June 17, 2012

I have been attacked repeatedly by deer over the last six weeks! First they pulled one of my Rebutia out of the pot and ate the blooms. They must have thrashed it around every time they got poked because it was full of bruises and as of today looks like it didn't make it. Then they took my Euphorbia Silver Thicket! Took it! All I found was the pot about 30 yards away! And now they come through last night and not only knocked over a bunch of plants but also ate a huge chunk out of my Euphorbia leucodendron! This plant I have had for about 2 years and is one of my favs and was about 2 foot at the tallest part. Now only about 18 inches.

I hate deer! Time to finish the fence!


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Dang! I would hate to have deer eat up my collection ... good thing i dont live in a deer area ...

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And I complain of pesky cats of the neighbours! That is enough to one mad...

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

This year, deer ate the foliage off my Castor Bean plants....
nothing surprises me any more :-)


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WOW Josh! I guess I had better keep an eye the Castor Beans too!

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

Very interesting, Glenn. I have had the flowers eaten off several of my cactus recently and attributed this problem to my local chipmunk crowd. They have also taken chunks out of some of the plants in addition to the flowers. But maybe it is the deer population???????

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I was so upset over the Euphorbia stenoclada disappearing, but my wonderful wife actually found another one and gave it to me today for father's day.

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My sisters and BIL's in N.Y. are constantly battleing deer,they eat everything in site,they even came up on one sisters porch and ate what she had in hanging baskets.They have everything people have told them to doto try and discourage them.One BIL went to the 99 cent store,bought a case of irish spring soap,drilled holes in them and hung them all around his garden,it worked for a short while,then i guess they became immune to it.

MY BIL was always complaining about them so much,that i went out and bought some fabric with deer all over it and made him a throw blanket,and on the back i put "for the love of Bambi",as he was always saying he wished he could shoot that da** Bambi.My sister was supposed to take a picture when he opened it,but she forgot!! bummer,as i'm sure that was a priceless picture.

PS i guess we all fight something,for us it's those darn Gophers,hate them.

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Sorry to hear that your plant collection is turning into a woodland critter salad bar. The deer eat everything here, even "deer resistant" plants. They ate castor in my yard too, as well as daturas and brugmansias. I make a spray of garlic, eggs, oil and water that works well but needs constant reapplication. Even if it doesn't rain the morning dew will wash it away in a few days.The only thing that really works for me is an electric fence which we have at the farm but we can't use one around our house. I could just see the neighborhood kids bumping into it and getting zapped.

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Well, I'll be! I didn't know either. I can almost see them. I must say you have yourself quite a cute plant there:-)

Can anyone see them on mine?


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OOps, sorry! I am sorry about the deer and sorry I accidently posted this pic:-(

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

God I can commiserate. Euphorbia!! then must like to live dangerously. I hate deer and coons, and my neighbors cows. I know HATE is a strong word, but I hate deer and cows the most.

They have been helicoptering over my six foot fence into my vegetable garden. They just nipped off a bunch of natives that had just showed their heads. I need to plant a pokey yucca there. My neighbors cows got in and ate a 6' x 6' old Mexico Prickly pear, all 15 large bamboo muhly, a 4' nolina nelsonii, 3 texas sotols, six collected prickly pears from Oklahoma, a Cylindropuntia kleinae. I can scream at those cows and the bull just looks at me and I can hear it thinking, should I charge. or say thank you for the goodies,

I raised the fence another foot and told my neighbor to fix his fence good this time. He gave his cows away.

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I will be wrapping the back yard with a 6 foot wooden privacy fence. An Ol' Timer told the deer would not jump a fence if they could not see the other side. I have talked with a couple of people that live close with fences and it seems to hold true. So about half of the yard is done but it will take me another 6 months to finish out the other half.

Until then I think I will be moving most of the plants to the side yard which is fenced with a chain-link fence but has a nice big dog in there. ; )

Thank God I don't have to worry about cows, and the coons have been removed a few years back when they attacked the chickens. I do have to keep an eye out for my wifes pigmy goats, but they tend to stay in their area pretty good. No bucks so the girls are pretty well behaved.


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