Pomegranate Tree Question

skrip(z9/sun19/SoCal.)August 24, 2005

I planted a pomegranate 'wonderful' last year in Spring. It grew about 3 feet or so and is now almost 6 feet tall.

Ive noticed in the last few weeks it has gotten sort of wilty and yellow. At first I thought it might have been overwatered, but it isnt watered daily. It gets watered perhaps every 5 days or so, and mostly some sprinkler from the nearby lawn. Sometimes I also directly water it with the hose.

Is this a so.cal fall thing happening now? perhaps this is normal. Im afraid its gotten some disease and its dying. The thinner branches that are losing their leaves look dead. Also, the wilty yellow branches soon become crunchy. So i get confused as to watering or not.

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melle_sacto(Z9/Sunset 14 CA)

I think you might be watering it too much or the soil may not be draining well. I have a very small pomegranate that only receives water every 2-3 weeks.

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CA Kate

I had a similar problem last year. I just bought a new one. Well, when I pulled the tree out I was surprised to discover a huge junction hole for 4 gopher tunnels. The tree died because there were no roots and no soil to grow any in. So.... you might check for root damage by gophers.

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I seriously doubt its gophers. There are many things planted next to it as well as the lawn, no sign of gophers. Ive had them in a previous house before (the gophers) many years ago.

Its driving me crazy, i feel like it needs to be watered now since its all kind of crumbly at the ends.

I mainly planted it for a screen and a small shade tree. I also liked the foliage and flowers. I hope it survives.

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melle_sacto(Z9/Sunset 14 CA)

I don't know if this will help your situation but when my plants look ally "crumbly" at the ends I prune them back. This way I don't have to look at the dead parts. If your pomegranate is alive it will have some new growth pretty soon. You might check the roots to see if they are healthy, that could give you some reassurance.

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Jillberto(Z9 CA)

I vote for being over watered.

If it is getting much water from the over spray of the lawn like you describe that could be way too much irrigation for this very drought tolerant tree. Lawn systems typically run every second or third day especially in this heat we have been experiencing.

You Pomegranate would prefer slow over night soaks with lots of drying out time in between.

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Ditto the above. I have one in partial shade that I almost NEVER water, and it is always green. I do however, try to hose off the foliage - that's the only moisture I think it wants in this hot, dry weather we're having.

In S. Calif like you, and my pomegranate loses its leaves later in the fall and has a nice rest for a few months.

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Pomegranates are grown commercially in So CA me & loses their leaves in the winter. It is so hot in my area I as well as my neighbors are having to water twice daily. My pomegranate is in a pot, & will burn otherwise. I have been watering & spritzing my vines 3 times daily in this heat. Yesterday the heat was so intense they suffered severe burning.
You might want to brush some of the yellow leaves away & do a scratch test on the wood beneath. If it looks plump & healthy you might be OK. Another option is to take a cutting to a nursery.

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I was looking over my pomegranate tree, especially the 'dry' branches and noticed a little gray bug. It kinda moves to the other side when you try to see it.

I went and got an insecticide thats safe for fruits and veggies and soaked the branches and leaves.

This little bug is hard to describe. It wasnt full of them but I got to see 2 or 3. Can this be it? It moves quickly when you try to see it.

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a plant grown in a pot suffers a much greater degree of both heat and drought stress and frequent irrigation is essential. On the other hand, a tree in the ground benefits from a much larger root run and cooler soil temperatures (particularly if well mulched). I planted a tree in the ground in December where it has gotten by on rainfall alone. Still green and healthy. Admittedly, this was a very wet year, and this isn't a hot area, but our soil is quite sandy so water retention is poor.


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melle_sacto(Z9/Sunset 14 CA)

Your bug description is probably not specific enough to identify the insect, it sounds like a spider to me. I don't know of any pomegranate-specific pests. Usually insect invasions take at least several weeks to kill a plant and the dieback will occur slowly (especially for a six foot tall pomegranate).

I still think the tree is getting too much water. You haven't updated us as to whether you checked the bark or the roots or took a cutting to the nursery to see if the tree is still alive even though the leaves make it look dead. IF it is still alive you should see new leaf buds swelling (reddish) because there is plenty of time for it to put out new leaves.

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theresa111(z9 CA)

I have a pom tree in a pot too, and it's gotten quite yellow. I water it every few days because it's in a pot. It is getting a few poms - so I must be doing something right! Does it need to be fertilized maybe to get rid of the yellow?

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Last year our Pom tree prduced lots of fruit, this year next to nothing. Could cutting back old wood have anything to do with this dilema as gardner trimmed way back?

Here is a link that might be useful: GardenWeb

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Pomegranates bloom on new wood. I suspect your gardener hit the tree during or after flowering which would have removed any developing fruit (he may have done so deliberately, a lot of people enjoy the flowers but dislike the fruit).


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well, now since fall is here, I guess the leaf drop is a normal thing. I still believe something is wrong with it. The higher branches (the wood part) have almost become a dry pink color if that makes sense. The bottom part still has some green leaves. I wanted to remove it and plant something else, but I think I will give it a chance until spring and see what happens.

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

Skrip I think there is a problem. Several posters have suggested too much water is being applied. To avoid being repetious I will suggest you may have poor drainage. Pomegranate just barely lose their leaves here and you are much further south. Al

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The pomegranate tree in my yard did lose all its leaves last winter. We had a good crop this year. The leaves are now changing color and have started falling.

Hope this helps.


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Pomegranate trees shouldn't be watered in the summer. If they do get water, the fruit tends to split too early and then it molds and gets ants in it. Treat your Pomegranate like a weed and it will love you for it.

My tree is 25 years old and it has been basically ignored, except for pruning and harvesting and it does really well. It sits on the north side of my neighbors giant rubber trees and so one side is a little bare and it is shaded a bit in the summer. Unfortunately, I can't control my neighbor's trees. They cut their trees back completely every 3 or 4 years and the Pom goes wild with growth. I have so many Pomegranates, I can't use them all. I used to make Jelly in the fall for Christmas presents, but have been too busy. My hope is to be able to do this next year, but the tree needs a good pruning, so I may be a little short on fruit next year.

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I need help. My pomegranate tree is about 5 years old. It had flowers on it for about the past 3 years but it has not produced any fruit yet. Does anyone have any good suggestions?


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This thread is very interesting. I live in So. Calif. also,and have 18 pomegranate trees. The trees were here when we bought the place 5 years ago. With regular watering and pruning we have had excellent crops for the last 3 or 4 years, so many poms, in fact, that we sell as many as we can. This year one of the trees looks very "sick," and the one next to it is starting to look the same. The really sick one bore no fruit, and the "getting sick" one bore very little fruit. The leaves yellowed all over the "sick" tree early in the season and are yellowing on the other one also. All the trees are planted in 2 parallel rows in essentially the same soil and receive the same anount of water and sunlight. I would appreciate any ideas on the trees' ailment, why it is only in those two trees, whether it is likely to spread further, what to do about it.

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CA Kate

Spunky: I'd be calling in a County Ag Agent to see what you have -- double-quick. Since this is fruit you sell you shouldn't have trouble getting help.

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Wow, I cant believe this thread is still going on over a year! The pom greened up nicely this spring/summer, and grew a bit more (i pruned to so shape it narrow earlier in the winter).

2 weeks ago, it all of a sudden turned a bright yellow (all the leaves at the same time). And in a couple of days all the leaves are gone, every single one of them. It is now a stick-tree. I am a little worried as to how fast the leaves just turned and fell. But if its hung in there this long, I'll assume its normal. Is it?

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Thanks, Westelle. I followed your suggestion and called the Master Gardener service, for a start. I am going to send in a soil sample for analysis.
Spunky (There is some confusion about my display name. I guess I will be "Spunky Hashi".)

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Great thread. I just bought a pom tree, still in the nursery pot, It has about 3 or 4 nice strong "stems".
Can I seperate them allowing me to have 3-4 plants.

Also, what should I use to fertilize them. I use ONLY
natural fertilizers etc.

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I have a question and some information regarding the pomegrante trees. I'm in Las Vegas and have six pom trees in my yard. Only one of them bears fruit. I was told that the fruit bearing one is the female. The other five are males. They have different flowers. The fruit bearer has darker solid colored reddish/orange flowers, where the other's flowers are orange and white similar to a carnation. One tree hasn't had very many leaves the past two years. It has a lot of dead dry limbs, which I have now cut away. There is some regular growth coming mostly from one side of the tree. The tree used to be very large with lots of leaves. I'm afraid I might lose this tree. The difference between the trees is that this one had a concrete patio built around it a few years ago but still has about 6 feet of open dirt all around it. The other is that when I've had excess water, I've brushed it into the tree area so may have become overwatered? My trees are probably 50 years old. Anyone that can give advise, please do.

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Here is a website that may answer some pomegranate questions.

For example, pomegranates are self-pollinating, but also benefit from cross pollination.

A mention of different flowers. My first thought is that they are different varieties. I have three varieties, and one differs from the other two. Fruit size and color also are different.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pomegranate facts

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I have a Dwarf Pom Tree still in a large pot, it's in a screened in courtyard. There were tiny bugs all over the stems, flowers, some fruit. I wiped the bugs off, haven't seen them since. Is there a spray to kill the bugs, but not harm the plant or fruit I eat ?


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Okay, wow I must say... 2 years after my initial post (and 3 years after planting it) I FINALLY GOT FRUIT! There are about 10-12 fruits growing on it now. Im so excited! They are a bit bigger than golfball size now.

I bought it in 2004 in a small container and it was about 3 feet tall. Im about 6' 4" and it is about my height, if not a bit taller. Hopefully this helps people in So Cal who are researching info on it and/or just planting it. It took 3 years to get fruit!

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hi, I am in same situation as the person from Las Vegas, 2 of my 8 Poms will give similar to a carnation flowers and no fruit. Any idea why


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altadenafoothills(z21 CA)

Yes, please somebody weigh in. I had tons of fruit last year and 2 poor little poms this year. There were lots of blossoms and lots of little tiny green poms, but they all dropped

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CA Kate

Maybe it's the year; I had the same thing happen, and not one viable fruit this year.

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Help... my tree's fruit is TART and light yellow! They're awefull tasting. I don't know the variety of my tree... it came with the house. My grandmother had a tree in the same region and her fruits were pink/red inside and sweet. Is there some kind of fetilizer I can use?

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My Pomegranate tree is five years old or more. The tree bloomed once and put on fruit...two...but has not put on fruit since. Any answers as to why the tree no loner flowers?


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I'm planning to plant a pomegranate tree in my yard and need suggestions. I live in western washington and heard that Russian pomegranate type "Favorite" does well in this environment. Any ideas? Most nurseries sell 1-1.5 feet. Anybody knows where I can buy a larger tree or at least more established then 1.5 foot. and or any other suggestions for planting pomegranate in Western Washington.

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My guess is that NO pomegranate is gonna work anywhere in Washington outside of a greenhouse. You live in berry heaven, why mess with pomegranates?

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Sombody please help me!
Where can I buy healthy pomegranate trees in san diego, and how to I take care of them to grow tall and halthy in my backyard?

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I got mine 'wonderful' (which is a good one for our area) at Louies Nursery in Menifee...A bit north for you, but I have had great success with their trees and shrubs. This year I bought 2 Pineapple Guavas, 2 bay Laurels, a Mandarine, Pomegranste, Sweet Olive and several perennials...all are doing great! When I bought mine they only had 5 gallon ones, but now I see they have some 1 gallon containers...They are such pretty trees, I am tempted to get another in the gallon size!

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I live in San Diego and grew up with a Pom tree. It always lost all of it's leaves in late fall.
When I went to get my own tree I found a good deal at a nurseryÂs booth at the Santee Swap Meet. The tree was about 5Âtall and thin.
I bought it last fall and it has tripled in diameter size and to my surprise it is bearing fruit. Didn't think I would get fruit the first year. I am growing it in a container.
The question I have is that the tree I grew up with had a red blossom with reddish green young fruit and red with green flecks when ripe (never knew the variety) and the one I have now has red/orange blooms and the young fruit is bright green.
Any one have a clue to what variety it is?


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I had wonderful poms off the tree my neighbor and I share. Until it was invaded by bugs! I think they are called leaf-footed plant bugs (yes, really, it's in Sunset). I have a photo and started a page on my site to discover how to defeat them! Does anyone know?
They are big, ugly and fly! Indeed, they know you are looking for them and move away so you can't find them. But they come after you if you try to spray them with the hose!
They drill holes in the fruit and destroy the poms. I've also seen them trying to drill into my oranges but they just develop thicker skins and have turned out ok.

I'll post a photo if someone tells me how, here's a link to a bug photo


How do we defeat these evil beings?

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Below is a link with more information, TGP. Good luck with those critters! :)


Here is a link that might be useful: UC IPM info

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I have a small pomegrantate tree as well. It is probably 15 years or older. For the first six years I've lived in my current house, I thought it was part of a hedge. I finally realized it was a pomegranate tree and pruned around it. It has since grown to about three feet tall.

It had several fruits this past summer/fall and I left them on. Now I've noticed that the tree is gray or brown on top. The tree gets little water - only a bit of overspray a few times a week.

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I have dwarf Nana, it brings bunch of fruts but I want to replace it with a big pome tree. Any body need two NANA 3y old?

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Just read this whole thread. We had a wonderful pomegranate at our other home in Orange County, and just got a dwarf pom from Gurneys. We live in the desert. It's in a container, and it almost died from lack of water and heat, so now it's in morning and midday sun and on a drip system twice a week. It has FLOWERS!! Yay!! And tons of new leaves. I'm looking forward to the fruit!

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hi there all I have a 13 to 15 foot Pomegranate tree. It is growing fruit but a lot of them are splitting opening. as they are still the color green. How often should I be watering this tree living in Las Vegas. How often should this tree be water in the months of June, July and August months. Also can they be splitting opening because they are getting lack of water or to much water

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I live in Frazier park ca temp can get to 18-35 degrees. I planted a bare root 21/2 months ago still no life yet. Base of trunk green to my nail gouge.can anybody give me any ideas why?

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I aquired several citrus trees and one pomegranate for my greenhouse in MA. several months ago. The citrus[dwarf]are all thriving, some with fruit and some flowering, and it's Jan.1st !! The pom however is yellowing quickly and dropping leaves quickly. Is this dormancy ? Do I need more than one tree for fruiting ? And please describe proper pruning as descriptions I'v read seem vague. Tree is 5'tall.
Thanks, Jeff

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At this time of the year it's natural for pomegranate trees to drop all their leaves and go into dormancy, as you correctly guessed. Now, regarding pruning, here is what Purdue's website suggests:

"Initially, the plants are cut back to 24 to 30 in (60-75 cm) in height and after they branch out the lower branches are pruned to provide a clear main stem. Inasmuch as fruits are borne only at the tips of new growth, it is recommended that, for the first 3 years, the branches be judiciously shortened annually to encourage the maximum number of new shoots on all sides, prevent straggly development, and achieve a strong, well-framed plant. After the 3rd year, only suckers and dead branches are removed."

GRFG website also has some suggestions on the same subject.

Good luck,


Here is a link that might be useful: CRFG pomegranate

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girlbug2(z9/10, Sunset zone 24)

It's a few years old, but I would like to reply to "barefoot sue"'s question about her yellow, sour pommegranante:

It's probably just your variety of pommegranate, not related to fertilizing, that makes it yellow and "sour". Or, maybe it needs more heat than your area has in order to ripen and get the sugar balance up there.Lastly, I'd suspect that it could be that what you have is ornamental and not rated as good for eating.

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I bought a pomegranate tree from Home Depot it looked like a shrub with out any leaves when i got it, and it was in a bag with wet wood chips inside ( i guess to keep the pomegranate root moist) i planted the pomagranate right before spring, and its almost May now and still no leaves what do you guys think is it dead? or do i need to wait more before i take it back i hate to dig it up if its just sleeping?

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I have 2 pom bushes and both flower like crazy each with dozens...but each year all the flowers drop off leaving not a single fuit. Can anyone help or point me to help sites. I've pruned, dont water once flowers bloom. I just want 1 piece of fruit to call my own. Help please.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

Wow, how did a 6 year old discussion get resurrected!?! Westchesterbob, you're much, much better off posting your own message and then having the option to check off the "notify me of responses", than just hijacking this really old thread :-) Same for Tom from Los Angeles. Bob, if you can start a new thread, and provide the varieties of poms you have, that would be helpful. Also photos are always a help. Tom, you need to do a scratch test down on one of the lower stems to see if you can see some green cambium. My new poms are all leafing out nicely and several are flowering.

Patty S.

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What zone are you in? I'm in Southern California 1/2 mile from the beach. I've never had a problem with getting fruit, even the 1st year.

All my stuff is in raised beds. My pops has clay soil where he lives. He had a lot of flowers but no fruit. We built a raised bed. We put a lot of compost on the top layer.
The 2nd year we put another whole (1 cubic foot I think) of Compost. That year he finally got fruit.

Hope this helps.

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hi i need a pomegranate tree. im willing to trade my rare ancient hollyhock single bloom seeds from yosemite

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Shirley Price

Hi need help with my pomagranate trees, were bought from a nursery 5 years ago , groen into 2 beautiful shrubs but no flowers Can some please help?

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You might have an ornamental shrub. Fruiting pomegranates usually produces pink or red flowers. Ornamental cultivars have double row of petals and show a wider range of colors. What color are your blooms?

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Shirley Price

Never had blooms, just stays green purchased at our local nursery? Was told it we would have fruit after 4 years now 5years?

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No blooms in 5 years? Those trees need FULL sun and once established, they don't need much water. They prefer a dry arid climate. I'm 1/2 mile from the beach and mine does fine though.

If it is low to the ground is it being shaded by other trees? Also if it is in a lawn it might be getting too much nitrogen which is bad for most fruit trees. (too much)

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Shirley Price

They are growing in full sun no lawn (South Africa) was told to cut back trees and fertilize will try this now A friend who purchased her tree at the same time has had fruit after 3 years. If no joy will just buy others, they are beautiful shrubs though

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