help with new pitcher plant?

larenJune 6, 2006

I bought a pitcher plant a few days ago. I bought it from a store that had let it dry out-- no pitchers! I took pity. (They gave me a small discount.)

My question is... if I'd like it to be healthy, happy, and pitcher-producing again, what should I do? I've watered it...but does it need to be pruned? (I've read on here that all the leaves that have already had pitchers will not make new ones.)

Here is a photo of the plant. Any advice would be great:

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Yes, it's true that once a pitcher on the leaf of a Nepenthes dies, the leaf won't make another pitcher. Im not sure what kind you have, with it not having any pitchers. I probably wouldnt know anyway. (Still sorta new too)


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Nevermore44 - 6a

just a bit to add from my experience. They might take a while to acclimate to you environment... so it might do nothing but sit there for a while. Only when it is happy will it make complete new pitchers from the ends of new leaves. So just get it growing again first .. then worry about pitchers.

Only water with distilled or rain water, don't fertilize unless you do some research on it first. It is most likely a lowland type nepenthes.. so look up its requirements on light, temps and humidity

You can prune these guys periodically to keep it in check.. but since it is new.. i wouldn't shock it any more then it all ready is from being moved around a bunch and sitting dry for a long time.

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Yeah... what he said! Taking a neglected plant home from a garden center that most likely kept it cooped up in a plastic cube, is a bit of a shock. I see nothing wrong with your set up at all! I do the same.

Do as was suggested above and hang in there. It'll come around.

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you should also mist the plant's leaves with purified with a small water spray. this will help the plant to aquire some humidity to its new surroundings. at first, mist it in the morning, gradually.. mist it in the mornings and nights. the plant will benefit from this mist since it will create some humidity around it.

where your plant is growing, looks like a perfect view. Nepenthes love bright light(not full sun) they do much
better as an indoor windowsill plant.

i bought a nepenthes a year ago from home depot, the plant was pretty large and it cost me $ 5.00. I had to repot it since the container was way too small for the size of the plant. The plant had NO pitchers what so ever, just some healthy green leaves and some drying dead leaves.. It took some time for it in order to make pitchers. So i repotted it, and then watered it.. i mist it everyday once a day in the mornings. adter a few months, it started making nice speckled pitchers.

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LOL! Mine are in the bathroom window, now and I think it gets a natural misting, 5x a day when we all take our showers!

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