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Desert_RosinJune 30, 2012

Hi all - my roommate has this succulent plant and I am not sure what it is, but I found that it has these little baby off-shoots that I would like to try to separate and put into their own pots... can anyone help me ID this plant, and give me pointers on how to separate the babies? they seem to be coming right off of the main stem of the plant, and so I am not sure if they have their own roots really...



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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

It is an Echeveria. Not sure on the type. It could be a Echeveria runyonii but there are a lot of E runyonnii forms and a lot of other Echeverias that look similar.

separating is easy. I cut them off. Sometimes if I pull them off the larger ones come off with a bit of root. I usually put them in a small pot of just rocks and I water or mist them. The rocks do not hold water but they create a moist atmosphere. I do this till there are a BUNCH of pink roots. Than I plant them in a a pot with a well drained mix.

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So I can just cut the babies at the trunk of the mother, and even though they have no roots, they will re-root? I know many succulents have this ability, just wasn't sure if this was one of them...

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All of the succulents i know of (maybe there is a few that dont, but i have never heard of any) reroot from cuttings. Echeveria in my experience is incredibly easy to reroot ... i took some leafs from and echeveria and stuck them in a corner and forgot about them, they sent out masses of roots and had plants growing out ... their roots traveled about 4 inches to a pile of dirt and grew into it, it was funny :D i wish i had taken a pic though...

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

I believe it is Echeveria secunda (previously E. glauca).

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And yes, you can remove the pups and reroot them (easy) but I'd wait until The Pups were bigger - a larger plant is easier to reroot. Besides, the heat of summer is not the best time to root Crassulaceae (the Family your Echeveria is in), but it can be done.

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