HAVE: A Thank You...

aezarien(7b)September 13, 2008

...To Frances for hosting today's swap. We all had a lovely time and look forward to Spring!


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Thank you Tina!!! I was really nice to meet your mom and friend Carol!! You all are my kinda folks! hehe

I am sorry the heat got the better of me there at the end! Who knew you could have heat stroke in September? lol

I convinced Eric to come out with me about an hour ago to plant most of the plants....... I am so looking forward to seeing some blooms!!
If you ever want anything I have....get in touch with me! lol

Elaine...thanks for helping me out!! You rock! hehe

I am glad I got to meet everyone who came...and, I thank everyone for the awesome plants!! :O)

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Oh, how rude was I? Yes, Elaine, thank you too!

And yeah, it was hot yesterday. I have a little Hispanic blood coursing through my veins so it doesn't really bother me much. I'm pretty heat tolerant. The cold is something I don't care much for. I can get frostbite by looking at frost on the windshield.

I pretty much went home, watered what I brought home and went to bed. I was too worn out to be in the yard digging holes. I suppose that will be what I am inclined to do this afternoon though. Your plants will definitely appreciate not being thrown in the ground in the heat of the day though!

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After being inspired...I think I'm gonna research winter sowing in my area. lol

I hope it works out....I'd like to have some plant babies outside during the colder weather!!

The plants are looking good today!!! I am sure yours will as well! I can't wait to see the pink shub once it flowers...I put it over by the butterfly bush.

Do I need to keep the little tiny plant you brought outside or inside.
I'll have to take a pic so you know what I'm talking about! lol

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Well I know you know what the spider plant is and the hens and chicks so...If you are talking about the bright green sedum, that is stone crop, Sedum makinoi 'Ogon' or Japanese golden sedum. It is an outdoor plant. Another drought tolerant plant too.

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It's so cute......I hope it grows into a huge mount!! hehe

Look later on tonight at my trade lists....I am going to go out as soon as I am done writing this reply and I am going to photograph and record everything I have....I am hoping this takes a lot of time as I have finished doing everything but shampooing the carpet in my bedroom and laundry.....and, I really want my husband to make dinner tonight! lol
I know...stop laughing this instant! lol

There are a few plants I have that I'd really like to figure out if they are perennial or not...so I really do need to go ahead and record everything so I don't have to do it over and over again!

I will also make sure I have an accurate record of all of my seeds...I found a reasonable cheap ebay lady selling seeds.....then I am off to figure out what else I want and where to get it...although i'd really enjoy just swapping out for seeds...we will see what I come up with!

arted my propagation boxes today...thanks very much to Ladygreensleeves and Diego(Amy) for the pictures and explaination of how to make them.
I have a ton of Hoya cuttings rooting in them from a really wonderful grower/friend I made on another forum.
I have so many...and I was so overwhelmed that I can't remember the names of any of them now...so I have a lot of research ahead of me on those too!!

Please tell Carol...and your mom if she took any of the Hoya cuttings...that I'll be more than happy to forward any hoya info I have to them...and, I can also send you a link to an online Hoya e-magazine I read.

Also, I'm going to email you a picture of the epi flower for your mom so she can see what her bloom will look like!!

I am so excited to be going over there later in the week or whenever she is ready to get the things she talked about!!! Cherries are my absolute FAVORITE fruit!! :O)

Okay...I'm off for now!

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Looks like you have been busy!

I still need to get a heating cable for that propagation box out back. I don't know what I am going to do with it but I am sure I will figure it out.

Carol took a few Hoya cuttings home but she doesn't have internet access right now so if you want to pass it along to me I can print some stuff out for her.

I'm actually the one who took home the epi cutting. Mom already has that big one you guys were talking about and she pretty much figured they were all the same. She wants to know if you can come down there and look at it and tell her what hers is and has a cutting or cuttings of it for you. We read the care sheet together last night. Mom kind of laughed and said, "wow, no wonder it never bloomed. I was doing the opposite of everything I was supposed to do!"

Carol wanted to know too... what was the plant you gave her that she was not supposed to water? lol

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I was gonna call your mom tomorrow to see when she was able to have company. :)
Of course I can go over and help her figure out if it's a hybrid or a cerus. It sounded like it was a cerus...or a night bloomer...oxypetallum.
I have my Hoya in the propagation boxes now...they seems to be doing great.
I don't have a heater or anything..I mist em and keep them lidded on a shelf...I check them once a day to make sure all is well. I think tomorrow i'm going to leave the lid off a bit...and the leaves are wet...and I don't want them to rot...other wise they are looking great.

I haven't had the greatest luck rooting things with small thin stems...so hopefully this is my answer to that!!

I will find a good site with hoya rooting instructions....the hoya forum here is really good too!
I think next I'm going to try rooting them in moss. You moisten some moss and put the cutting in the moss in a ziplock baggie...and off it goes to root.

I told Carol not to overwater that old green heart leaf hoya cutting..or to cut off the flowering parts...they can bloom over and over again from those old places.

I need to think about how to make that plant look a little more attractive...I looks like old westish right now! lol

I think I will be able to go over to your moms on Wedensday or Thursday if thats okay with her.....Tomorrow is soccer pracitce. lol I have to prepare myself for soccer....with one playing and two fighting...it does take a lot out of me!lol
I also have some books for you that I totally brainfarted about on Saturday! lol Not textbooks...but,a propagation book and some other things like that!

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Hey ladies, I had a great time too. I took home more plants that I originally thought!! That's not a bad thing though.. It was fun looking at Frances' plants. I learned a lot. I really enjoyed meeting everyone, and I'll see most of you soon!

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