WANTED: Raleigh Fall Swap follow up

tophersmithSeptember 27, 2008

It was great to see everyone again, we need to get together more often to swap growing tips and plants. Ralph please either call me of email me when I can come by to see your garden. 302 5193

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tamelask(z8a NC)

It was so nice to see most everyone again! I think what i enjoy most is when we hang out after the frenzy and chat about any & everything. It was nice to put some more faces with names that i'd seen online.

I regret that we didn't get any pictures to post this time. I forgot and so did Pete. It'll have to be the undocumented swap, since i didn't notice anyone else with their camera either. :)

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Love to see everyone and swap munchies and plants. Shannon, that agastache is spectacular!

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Dang that was some goooood eatin!! everyone outdid themselves food wise.

To the person that brought the Chickasaw Plums - how in the heck did you grow them? From seed, sucker or rooted cutting? I missed out on the grabbin (too busy lugging that monster cycad off to the side) but they are something I will keep an eye out for at future swaps.

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I brought the Chickasaw plums. I started them from seed in pots a year ago. Almost every seed I planted grew, so I had extras. They are from fruit that fell in the road from a row of small trees in a neighbor's front yard. It is an educated guess that they are Chickasaw plums, but the characteristics of the trees, leaves, and fruits are as described for that species. If I can find some seeds in the ditch I will start some more this fall, if not I will not have more for two years. I'll bring some to a swap as soon as I can.

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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

Thanks everyone for the plants and eats. It was all good!! ...and it was so great to see everyone again. We really need to come up with another get together event, just to get together and yack! I don't think my yard or Don's back can handle another plant event, lol!

I am so thrilled with the Chicasaw Plum and the banana! See you all this winter for the seed swap!

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Anna - I think they should just call all of them Wild American Plum but they like calling them names such as Chickasaw Plum, Turkey Plum, Sand Plum... they all look alike to me. The biggest problem is that they tend to bloom too early so you don't get a crop of fruit every year and the fruit is small and kinda sour - but they make good jelly.

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tamelask(z8a NC)

Well, Anna, if you bring them again i will have to grab one of those plums, too! They sound like my kinda plant- i'm into weird & unusual edible landscaping. Wish I'd seen them saturday. Very enterprising of you to see what you like, ID it & go for it! Good for you. Nice meeting you, too.

Shannon- how did i miss that agastache Brenda was drooling over? What kind was it? I just got some small navajo sunsets for my plot the other day at bb.

John's right- the food was extra good this time. yum yum! Deb, i feel almost the same way, 'cept i'm finally starting on my back yard. But I'd love to see all of you and visit more often, for sure; plants or no plants.

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The Chickasaw plum is Prunus angustifolia. I did not add that yesterday because I had to look up how to spell it. It might be that two are needed to produce fruit, as they are seedlings each one will be genetically different. It sounds as if I need to get busy and find some seeds.
I also enjoyed the swap this year, and the food was wonderful.

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Ralph Whisnant(z7b-8 NC)

Anna, I am excited that I got two of your Tiny Tom tomato plants and already have them in the greenhouse. The plum that you brought, P. angustifloia, grows throughout NC except for the mtns. They form thickets and can produce either red or yellow fruit. They flower on bare branches and seem to be resistant to most diseases and insects that plague our larger fruited plums. I remember eating them as a kid and they were fairly sweet with a pleasant aroma when ripe.

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Brenda- I'm glad you like the Agastache. It is so fragrant. I don't even need to bruise the foliage to smell it. I am hoping that because I was able to buy the seed that I will be able to grow more next year from my own seed. But I'll be happy if my next set of plants are fragrant. I'll pot up the irises. Will you be at the plant give away? I can bring them there.

Tamelask- you have mail.

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